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A Year of Growth and Resilience at Rosaprima: 2022 Wrap Up

27 December 2022

It has been an incredible year for us at Rosaprima, and we’re so excited to wrap up the year with a look back at all of our accomplishments! From competing at SAF, exhibiting at ExpoFlor 2022, sharing breakfast on the farm in Cayambe, introducing new varieties like Candy & Mandarin X-Pression and Anemones Mistral Panda & Mistral Bordeaux, to participating in Petal It Forward initiatives across cities like NYC and Miami – we have achieved much over the course of this year.

We are also proud of our accomplishments this year. Rosaprima was awarded eight out of nine ribbons at SAF, and our RP Moab variety was the show-stopper at ExpoFlor 2022. We also had the opportunity to interact with our customers and floral designers – creating meaningful connections.

Our incredibly dedicated Rosaprima team worked tirelessly to make these events happen, and their resilience and ingenuity are evident in all they do. We look forward to leveling up our efforts for the next year and continuing to be part of life’s most extraordinary moments.

Thank you for being part of our journey and we look forward to another successful year in 2023!

A Look at Collaborations in 2022

This year, Rosaprima has collaborated with some of the industry's most renowned florists and wedding planners to create breathtaking floral displays. From Gilberto Reis' dark and moody aesthetic to Ines & Marie's romantic fine art look, to Romain Boyère's commitment to making moments more meaningful - this year has been a testament to the power of Rosaprima's roses. Whether their favorites are RP Moab, RP Aspen, David Austin Collection, or Mother of Pearl, these collaborations have showcased the beauty, sophistication, and passion that goes into each arrangement. This collection features a wide range of colors and styles, making it suitable for a wide range of designers.

The beautiful roses of Rosaprima continue to be brought to life with these stunning designs. Our passion for quality and craftsmanship is evident in each collaboration we establish with floral designers, from weddings to special events to everyday bouquets and home decor. In partnership with our floral designers, we deliver an unparalleled level of artistry that makes each bouquet a work of art. Whether you are looking for something classic or modern, simple or intricate, there is something perfect for every occasion at Rosaprima.

The possibilities are endless.

2022 Varieties: Ranunculus, RP Moab, Anemones and Candy & Mandarin X-pression

This year has been an exciting and productive one for Rosaprima!

A new chapter was opened for us last year, as we finally introduced Ranunculus to our catalog after almost three decades. Our Elegance Salmone Ranunculus was awarded the purple ribbon in the 2022 SAF Convention as Best in Class, emphasizing our commitment to excellence.

This year, we are excited to introduce a newly cultivated product line: Anemones - Mistral Panda & Mistral Bordeaux, to continue being a part of life’s most extraordinary moments, now with more than just roses.

The word "anemone" comes from the Greek word for "windflower." When the wind blows, the petals open and the old ones fall off. The petals of the flower open up wide during the day, then close up at night and drop their heads in an attempt to prevent the dew from damaging their seeds.

Our garden roses range has also been expanded with several new varieties, including Candy & Mandarin X-pression roses, which symbolize love, kindness, and femininity.

Finally, our star variety, RP Moab, has gained much popularity due to its natural beauty and earth-tone petals that evoke the warmth of a desert. Its deeper blush center has come to redefine the floral industry. The testimonials for Rosaprima's Moab rose variety were overwhelmingly positive. Gabriela Gonzales praised the terracotta color, perfect for any design. Phebe Higgins marveled at its beauty and its ability to create the perfect earthy vibe. Elle Crocker was in awe of its antique mauve coloring and its ability to soften bright palettes. All three agreed that RP Moab is a stunning rose fit for any bride who loves neutral tones.

We are proud of all the progress we have made this year and are looking forward to continuing to grow in 2023! Keep an eye out for more exciting varieties and products from Rosaprima!

Featured Flower Designers for 2022

This year's featured florists, Alexandra Scholtz, Elle Crocker, and Emily Pinon, provide some great advice for entrepreneurs in the floral industry. They emphasize the importance of finding a design style that speaks to you and creating the proper dress code and collateral that best represents your brand. Additionally, they recommend setting short-term and long-term goals to help guide your business. Finally, they all recommend the RP Moab rose from Rosaprima as their favorite. With these tips in mind, aspiring floral designers are sure to be on the right path to success!

Award-Winning Blooms and Dreamy Showstoppers: Celebrating SAF and ExpoFlor 2022

In this year's SAF Convention, Rosaprima was awarded 8 out of 9 ribbons, including the prestigious "Best In Class" award for the Elegance Salmone Ranunculus. The other varieties that were awarded included Aloha - Red Ribbon, RP Moab - Red Ribbon, RP Lady Eva - Blue Ribbon, Candy X-Pression - Blue Ribbon, Mandarin X-Pression - Red Ribbon and Westminster Abbey - Red Ribbon. This is a testament to the diligent work and dedication of the Rosaprima team in curating some of the highest-quality flowers on the market today.

At ExpoFlor 2022, RP Moab was a complete show-stopper as it unfurled its dazzling beauty for everyone. Our incredible Rosaprima team worked tirelessly to make these events the greatest they could be. In a wonderful opportunity for customers and breeders to sit down and have breakfast together at the farm in Cayambe, we had the opportunity to show our friends and guests how our process is designed to deliver the best quality roses to the highest possible standard.

We are proud of the hard work that has gone into making this year a success and cannot wait to see what's in store for the next. The resilience and ingenuity of our team will continue to drive us toward creating extraordinary flowers.

2022 Positive Impact

At Rosaprima, we believe in making a difference year-round. ​

Our sense of purpose comes from people, and we are committed to positively impacting lives. This year, 2022, we did just that.​

We aim to inspire people and foster positivity through initiatives such as the Flower Movement Awareness and Petal It Forward. The Flower Movement Awareness campaign helped us spread joy to our neighboring communities. While with the "Petal it Forward" campaign, we hope to raise public awareness of mental health issues through the power of flowers. ​

​As part of our dedication to promoting education, we donated tech tools to our collaborators' children. ​

And finally, we invited our employee's children to experience their parents' hard work firsthand. They learned about our variety of selection, harvesting, and post-harvesting processes through specially designed children-friendly learning activities.

Our mission is to make a meaningful contribution to our community and work towards a better world.

The Rosaprima Message

At Rosaprima, we are passionate about bringing joy to our customers and making meaningful contributions to our community. We are dedicated to creating positive change and making the world a brighter place. Our team is passionate about providing award-winning blooms and dreamy showstoppers that will make any occasion extra special.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to our success this past year. We look forward to continuing our mission to provide iconic roses for life's extraordinary moments in 2023 and beyond.

Thank you for being part of our journey!