Our Story

APassionFor Beautiful Roses

Rosaprima roses are the epitome of beauty and elegance, with our company dedicated to growing the most luxurious varieties in the world. Since our founding in 1995, our values have remained the same: unequaled craftsmanship, sound business practices, and a belief that roses have a starring role in life’s most precious moments.

Our 1600 Rosaprima employees worldwide have set a new standard for roses. The Rosaprima brand has become synonymous with luxury and quality, and has gained worldwide recognition.


The tenacious work of our global team has allowed Rosaprima to establish a brand synonymous with quality, care, and attention to detail, redefining how people around the globe enjoy roses. Here are three elements that have allowed for such an outcome.

A Global Impact

As a global brand with a presence on five continents, we maintain a close connection with local markets, allowing us to curate collections with international appeal.

How our carefully selected distributors work

Our network handles roses with the utmost care during transport, so they reach florists and customers virtually untouched.

Rosaprima Growth Network

Distributors in our network benefit from strong brand recognition, helping to open new doors and grow revenue.


By combining an exclusive product with strategic branding, exceptional service, and a global distribution network, we have developed worldwide brand recognition and a reputation for quality that resonates with those who expect the very best.

Partners in our distribution network benefit from this strong brand recognition, which in turn opens doors to new invaluable business opportunities.

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Howwe workwith distributors

Our roses are distributed by our trusted wholesale partners. When forming distribution partnerships, we seek well-established, quality-oriented distributors who share our passion and vision for delivering luxury roses in optimal transport and cold chain conditions. To become part of the Rosaprima distribution network, please click here and complete the form at the bottom of the page, and our team will contact you.