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The Birth of RP Moab: Presenting Our Newest Star

13 October 2022

We are thrilled to present our newest star, RP Moab. The birth of a rose- a new variety- is always an exciting time. So many things have to go right for it to make it! From selecting strong, resilient mother plants, to choosing the right characteristics to create a variety that will do well at the farm as well as on the market, is no fortuitous task! The natural beauty of RP Moab making it a favorite among our customers makes it all worthwhile.

The birth of RP Moab

Breeders usually take somewhere between 6 to 10 years to develop a variety before producers can start planting them. It takes incredible patience, dedication and a profound understanding of roses. Thanks to our close relationship with the breeders we work with, we were able to see this variety when there were only 25 plants. We fell in love with the color and had a hunch it could be a great new variety. That is why we decided to give it a try and started testing in our research area right away. There, we evaluated the plant for productivity, stem length, bud size, vase life and other commercial aspects. This research phase takes one to two years, and results in the necessary information to decide whether we cultivate the new variety. RP Moab passed with flying colors!

RP Moab’s winning attributes

RP Moab is a fresh, sophisticated, traditional rose full of nuance and romance. Its dusty earth-tone petals invoke long, warm desert breezes and its deeper blush center pulls the eye in. As a true nude, it is a highly versatile rose. It makes a bold statement on its own but can also be used in combination with almost any other color. These attributes are a winning combination, and have already made RP Moab a favorite for weddings.

Florists especially love this new variety as it is easy to work with. RP Moab has an impressive 10-11 day vase life, which makes it fantastic for events and are also great for gifting. Its bud size is just the right size, at 6cm, and the stem length is 60 and 70cm. long.

RP Moab is a powerful new variety. Its neutral “nude” tone allows for infinite possibilities, bringing a vintage flair to any arrangement. It is absolutely thrilling to see this new variety grow and develop into one of our all-time favorites!