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RP Moab a Wedding Collaboration with Ines & Marie

2 November 2022

We recently collaborated with Ines & Marie, a well-known florist and wedding planner, to showcase the stunning RP Moab at one of their recent events. 

Afterward, we followed up with their founder and floral designer, Agata Craig, to get her perspective on her main inspiration to become a designer, as well as interesting other tidbits about wedding planning.

Inspiration and Philosophy

Agata has always been a bit of a creative soul, working as an event planner for years before planning her wedding in 2012. She took a chance and established her own company, then Take A Seat Event, and now Ines & Marie. After planning her wedding, she became enthralled with the floral world, learning more and more from florists she admired to practice and perfect her arrangements.

She loves to play with different color blooms, textures, and heights to achieve an intentional 'effortless' look that conveys the image of the perfect garden. Each arrangement is carefully crafted to convey a specific story every time - she says that even the stem's unique shape is taken into account when designing her pieces. These things led to Agata wanting to incorporate RP Moab as a focal flower.

RP Moab, Colors, and Trends

Agata says RP Moab acts perfectly as a focal flower due to its lustrous color and full size, offering fantastic coverage for centerpieces and centerpieces. She even used it for the bridal bouquet to add another layer of textural and color depth, saying that "it is truly a STATEMENT flower."

She mentioned how RP Moab is unlike any variety she's worked with before; as an owner of a small event planning company, she prioritizes the highest quality florals to make each event truly unique. "RP Moab is one of the most stunning varieties I have ever worked with!"

With the color palette of this particular wedding being Slate Blue, Dusty Blue, Peach Cobbler, Off-White, Champagne, and 'Warm' Dusty Rose, the warm mauve tones of RP Moab fit in perfectly with the fresh venue at the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum.

'Romantic' and 'Fine art' were the central themes Ines & Marie were looking to exude at this event, and pulling inspiration from the venue made things simple. Agata said, "designing in a museum space is always such an honor, and our goal was to complement the existing space vs. covering it up or redesigning it."

With soft earth tones and an overall romantic atmosphere, RP Moab fits perfectly with exactly what she and her team aimed for.

Her Final Thoughts on RP Moab

The first thing Agata said to us when we asked her about her experience with RP Moab was that guests had been asking her about them all evening; they had never seen a rose so full and luscious before!

She went on to recommend them to other professionals in the industry, even mentioning that the roses' color, size, and quality were impeccable. With soft, earthen tones, and an incredibly full texture,RP Moab is truly in a class of its own.