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Each of the over 1,600 men and women who are part of the Rosaprima team play a key role in the process of growing, breeding and curating the world’s premier rose collection. Since our founding, our people have been our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason.

It is only with the commitment, competence, and creative power of our team that we are able to deliver on our promise to curate inspiring collections that are the essence of luxury roses.

Careersat Rosaprima

Like our rose selection, we curate our internal culture to foster a work environment filled with creativity, teamwork, positive energy, and personal growth.

thecultureAt rosaprima

Work satisfaction is defined in many ways: a stable job, extensive training, and opportunities to further develop a career. Because we enjoy what we do, we are able to infuse that passion and love into the work – and it results in the most beautiful roses.


Workers and their families have access through free a health clinic, built and maintained by Rosaprima. 


We employ 46% women and 54% men at the farm level, and 54% women and 46% men at the corporate level.


Education is a priority that is held dearly at Rosaprima. Many sound initiatives have been developed.

Work environment

We have fostered an internal job culture we are proud of. Improving the environment in which we work is one of the foundations of how we conduct our business.

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Our people are our greatest asset and we work to cultivate an internal culture to match.

With over 1,600 employees worldwide, Rosaprima is home to people as diverse as the roses we cultivate.

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We are constantly searching for the world’s most talented partners to further refine the Rosaprima collection. Contact us today.
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