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RP Moab: The New Wedding Favorite!

13 October 2022

It’s that time of the year again: Wedding Season! And RP Moab is the new wedding favorite rose. It comes as no surprise to us; RP Moab is a great choice due to its versatility, it’s gorgeous nude color and great vase life!

2022: the year for weddings (and RP Moab)

According to a survey by the popular wedding planning website, The Knot, 2022 is expected to be the year for weddings! It is estimated that 2.6 million weddings will take place in the United States. That is more than in any other year ever! As the quintessential symbol of love, roses are the flower of choice for wedding bouquets and arrangements. Naturally, we prepare specifically for this season well in advance so that your roses are perfect for the special day. We are thrilled to present RP Moab as the new Wedding favorite rose. Whether it be a small, intimate gathering, or an all-out traditional wedding, we are ready! It gives us great pleasure knowing our flowers will help set the tone in countless weddings around the world!

Choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding

Choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding day is an exciting part of the planning process. Flowers help express your style and personality. And with over 150 varieties of the most gorgeous roses, you are sure to find the perfect rose for your wedding, no matter what your theme or color (see also Rosaprima’s top ten wedding favorite varieties). This year we have also expanded our flower collection to include a select group of Italian Elegance Ranunculus flowers (they’re to die for!!)

RP Moab: the new wedding favorite

We are especially proud this year to present RP Moab, the new wedding favorite. A gorgeous traditional rose with dusty earth-tone petals that lightly concentrate its color at the center in a deeper blush shade. This rose is delicate yet powerful. As a true nude, RP Moab is highly versatile as it pairs well with almost any other color. Its rich and sophisticated color also lends itself to a new take on the more traditional white, ivory and beige, especially when combined with different textures and using darker, moodier tones as accents. RP Moab is a warm, free-spirited rose that also has a certain gravitas that will add a deep, rooted interest to your wedding.

It is no wonder why RP Moab is the new wedding favorite. From its long-lasting vase life to that feeling of balance and warmth it emanates, this variety has cast a spell on us all. On its own or in an arrangement, RP Moab makes a bold statement no one will forget!