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Florist Spotlight: Gabriela Gonzalez

13 October 2022

This month, Rosaprima had the opportunity to collaborate with the incredibly talented Gabriela Gonzalez. Based in San Diego, California, Gabriela creates stunning designs for various events, from luxury weddings to small gatherings. Founder of the home-based floral studio Lolita in Bloom, Gabriela aims to consistently deliver arrangements that express that which can often not be said with words alone. In this segment of Rosaprima’s Florist Spotlight, we highlight her story as she shares her industry knowledge and the best advice to new florists.

What was your inspiration for becoming a floral designer?

Becoming a floral designer was something I stumbled upon, but I am so happy it happened this way! Growing up, I had always been an active and creative individual, and I aspired to have a hands-on career as an adult where I could let my creative mind flow. This dream paused during my early twenties when I graduated from university and began working a full-time office job. It was around 2018 when I took my first ever floral workshop for fun, and I learned that this was the creative outlet I was missing. Since then, nothing has been the same in a significant way!

How would you define your florist style?

I enjoy describing my floral design style as a lush romantic garden style with organic elements. When creating a design, I envision flowers in a beautiful garden naturally arranged harmoniously. I am always sure to include all five design elements, such as line, color, form, space, and texture, using my color palette as my unique signature, which I like to call “the Lolita colors.”

What would you say is your superpower?

My superpower relating to florals and my personal life is that I genuinely believe I can make anything I envision happening. This determination reflects in my designs when I face challenges on event days, and somehow I always find a solution. This mindset helped me quickly grow in the floral design industry from the very beginning.

Being a young florist, what advice would you give a florist who is just starting?

Practice, practice, practice! I know you probably hear this often, but no one was born a fantastic florist right away (well, except for maybe some special floral unicorns out there!). However, when I was starting, my designs seemed too tight, and my florals and colors were all over the place. I also could not make a bouquet at all. Over time, however, I continued my practice and discovered my unique floral style. Now, bouquets are my absolute favorite piece to create, and people can even recognize my florals without me telling them they are mine.

What are some trends we can look out for this fall?

I feel that 2022 has started to push the organic trend even further, with delicate and weedy designs becoming popular. I have seen many florists, including myself, turn to color-blocking and monochromatic designs, just as you would see in a wild garden.

Which is your favorite RP Exclusive Variety? 

My favorite variety from RP is the new RP Moab rose. I am so happy that Rosaprima has extended its line and added the perfect neutral terracotta rose that blends well in any design.

What has your experience working with Rosaprima roses been like?

When I received and processed the roses, I was impressed by the thickness of the stems and the quality of the flowers. Rosaprima blew me away with the freshness and durability of their florals.

You also got to work with our new product line, ranunculus. What was your experience like working with those?

The ranunculus that were sent to me by Rosaprima were very sturdy and lush. I was also impressed by how well the quality remained during transportation. The shade I received was Elegance Salmone, a brighter pink and peach combination, the perfect summer pink!

Would you recommend Rosaprima roses to other people in the flower industry?

The quality Rosaprima offers is above any I have worked with, and I have worked with thousands of roses. Everything from the shipping, packaging, freshness, and rose life is incredible.

To learn more about Gabriela and Lolita in Bloom, visit her website and social media platforms by clicking here.