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Florist Spotlight: Emily Pinon

13 October 2022

Rosaprima’s Florist Spotlight is a series where we provide a space for talented and successful florists to share their insights, experiences, and advice with aspiring floral professionals. We learn about Emily Pinon this month, an incredible creative based in New York City. Emily is known for her intricate and intentional designs, bringing to life the vision of her sophisticated clientele. Read on to learn more about this remarkable businesswoman and distinguished force in the NYC design community.

What was your inspiration for becoming a floral designer?

I grew up in the flower industry, and at a very young age of 8, I started to develop my love of flowers! My parents owned a florist shop in New Hampshire, where I would work after school and on Saturdays. I did everything from sweeping and designing to delivering flower arrangements. My fondest memory was when I was nine years old: I made a small arrangement in the white plastic lid of a spray paint can with carnations, baby’s breath, and leather leaf. I was so proud of my creation, and on top of feeling proud, my parents let me put it in the cooler, and it sold for $5.00! Within one hour, a little old lady bought it! That is when I realized the joy and happiness that came with flowers; I was hooked!

How would you define your florist style?

It is refined, abundant, and elegant. Every flower deserves to be showcased most beautifully! My goal is to create harmonious color palettes with the most beautiful flowers designed artfully and intentionally.

We know you are the founder of Bastille Flowers & Events. Tell us a little more about your company.

I have been in the flower and event industry in NYC for 20 years. Bastille Flowers and Events is a flower and event design firm specializing in custom, one-of-a-kind events! Our team is dynamic and filled with many creatives that can custom fabricate anything from large installations to designing the most exquisite flower compositions. Our mission is to create harmonious environments artfully and intentionally, leaving lasting impressions on those who get to experience them.

As a businesswoman in the flower industry, could you give us three tips when starting your own business?

1. Set short term and long-term goals that you review daily.

2. Know your design style, how to sell yourself in 60 seconds, and your target client.

3. Create the proper dress code and collateral (business card, website, IG account) that best represents your brand.

What would you say is your superpower?

I am a very positive and uplifting person by nature. I choose not to stress and to rise above challenging situations. There is always a solution to every problem; it is how you get to the solution that is EVERYTHING! Stay positive, take the higher road, never gossip, treat everyone with kindness, handle every situation with grace, and know that in the end, it always works out. That is my superpower!

What are some upcoming floral trends for 2022?

We are seeing a lot of natural, free-form, and whimsical designs for 2022 weddings. Effortless but still very curated with luxurious flowers. We are also using many more flower varieties in each design, allowing for a unique style. Some recipes may have 15 different types of flowers and foliage but maybe only two stems of each. Adding in more flower varieties with fewer stems allows the designer to ensure those two stems are highlighted and shown off in a special way. Another trend we are noticing is that a lot more of our clients are open to more patterns, colors, and textures throughout the design of an event.

Which is your favorite RP Exclusive Variety?

It is hard to pick just one, but I love RP Moab, RP Aspen and Mother of Pearl!

What has been your experience working with our roses? Would you recommend Rosaprima to other professionals in the industry?

Roseprima’s roses are impeccable, exceptionally long-lasting, and arrive in perfect condition! When you work with roses from Rosaprima, I genuinely believe your designs are even more gorgeous! I would highly recommend Rosaprima to every person in the flower industry. I am also so excited when we receive a shipment from Rosaprima; it is like being a kid in a candy store!

Varieties pictured:

RP Moab

RP Aspen

RP Lady Eva



Secret Garden

Mother of Pearl

Country Home

Crème de la Crème


Ranunculus Elegance Bianco

Ranunculus Elegance Salmone

Ranunculus Elegance Rosa