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Introducing two new pink varieties: Candy X-Pression & Mandarin X-Pression

13 October 2022

Do you love pink? We most certainly do (and all its tonal variations), which is why we have an impressive total of 44 different shades of pink varieties (see them all here). And we are always happy to add to our list the latest and most interesting new varieties to our collection. Today we would like to present to you our newest pink additions: Candy X-Pression and Mandarin X-Pression.

Pretty in Pink Varieties

Pink is such a wonderfully versatile color. It can bring out a softer, more nuanced feel to an arrangement, or can add energy with a pop of color in a more neutral arrangement. A lighter tone can be soothing and bring serenity and peace. And it can also be vibrant, chic and full of energy in a brighter shade. It is a color that can symbolize love, kindness and femininity, and is also associated with compassion, innocence, and playfulness. This is why there can never be too many pink roses, and why we are so excited to introduce our newest pink additions! But be aware, no two pink varieties are the same, and these two are no exception. They are unique and special, just as every single one of our roses!

Candy X-Pression

Candy X-Pression has a deep, intense pink hue. This gorgeous garden rose flaunts its loose, wavy petals as if dancing Flamenco on the Tablao’! It has a strong personality, with its bright glow and extra large bud size. Even its leaves are luscious, beautiful, and full of energy on its long, strong stem. This candy-colored pink rose will shine in any arrangement, and for any occasion. It has a long vase life of up to 12 days if cared for properly.

Mandarin X-Pression

Another large, magical garden rose. Although strictly speaking Mandarin X-Pression is classified as being a coral color, it falls within the pink tones. It is a lighter, creamier pink hue, but with a cheerful surprise at the center: a tiny crown of lively, green tentacles reaching out for you! Its wavy petals meld from a pink, almost coral tone to a more nuanced shade with an orange tinge. Mandarin X-Pression is a playful rose but manages to keep its sophistication and beauty intact all the same. This new variety is sure to impress you. Mandarin X-Pression also boasts long, beautiful stems full of lovely petals, unique for a garden rose. Its long vase life will also surprise you with up to 12 days of beaming in the spotlight!

Pink roses are full of possibilities. Sweet, romantic, soft and strong all at once, pink roses complement any arrangement. We hope you love our new pinks as much as we do. We know they will be met with great awe!