Mother's Heritage: The Journey of Floral Legacies

As Mother's Day approaches, we embark on a journey to honor the incredible women who excel in their floral businesses and nurture their children with boundless love. Rosaprima spotlights the remarkable stories of two florists whose dedication knows no bounds, shining a light on the floral heritage passed on to their children.

Join us to celebrate the journeys of these talented women.

Mother's Day

The Florists

Florist Name: Jackie Ehlert
Florist Business: Blossoms Flower House

My son has been a part of this family business since the very beginning. I've made countless arrangements with him in my studio, and as he gets older, it's beautiful to see all the things he's noticed over the years. His little hands are such an inspiration, and it feeds my artist's soul to see my flower studio become a playground for him! 

I am a better florist because I am a mother!

Mother's Day Gallery