Let Your Personality Bloom

New Spray Rose Collection 2024

Welcome to the second edition of Rosaprima’s  "Let Your Personality Bloom" campaign!

We are thrilled to celebrate the launch of the newest additions to the Rosaprima spray roses collection. This exciting campaign delves into the unique personalities of each rose color, inviting you to explore the diverse traits embodied by these vibrant blooms.

In "Let Your Personality Bloom," we assign distinct personalities to our spray roses based on their color. By associating specific traits with each hue, we aim to celebrate individuality and diversity.

Featured Florists

I had a great experience working with Hot Desire spray roses. They have a lovely fragrance that distracted us when I was creating because I stopped more than once to smell the roses.
Florist Name: Sabrina Cohen
Florist Business: Neroli Blume
Red spray rose used: Hot Desire
Social media pages:

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