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Winter Weddings Wonderland: Wedding Flowers and Flower Arrangements

17 January 2023

Winter weddings are a romantic, cozy and magical way to celebrate the bond of love. The snow-covered world creates an atmosphere of peace and joy, making it the perfect setting for exchanging vows.

There is something special about winter weddings that gives them a unique charm; from the muted colors of winter foliage to the crisp air, everything comes together for an unforgettable celebration.

From snow-covered landscapes to cozy firesides, there is no shortage of breathtaking scenes that make winter weddings special. But what about floral arrangements? How can you use flowers to create stunning winter wedding bouquets?

The wedding flowers play an important part in the setting as well as the atmosphere of a winter wedding. From lush traditional bridal bouquets to modern creative arrangements, this season brings plenty of fresh ideas for couples to choose from when planning their wedding.

When it comes to winter wedding bouquets, roses are an obvious choice for their elegance and timeless beauty. Deep reds, soft pinks, and warm whites all make for beautiful bridal bouquets.

For Dogwood & Fir, they have always dreamed about making a wedding in a chateau d’hiver. Snow falling down, the gardens are covered in white, and the wedding flower arrangements are in a really rich and bold red hue.

For Katya Hutter, white and red roses are classic choices for wedding flower arrangements, as is purple. She personally loves David Austin Tess roses for their classy and elegant look and thin, flexible stems that help her create airy and emotional bridal work.

What are some popular wedding flowers and wedding bouquets for winter?

DOGWOOD & FIR: Winter weddings are a huge statement to me. Winter is dramatic, romantic, and delicate at the same time.

Katya Hutter: I would say some winter varieties, such as hellebore, anemone, late winter ranunculus, and Japanese ranunculus, wax flower, winter foliage like eucalyptus, texture materials like winter berries - ilex, rosehip, eryngium, and of course the all-season favorites - roses.

Are there any unique color pallets that would look beautiful with Rosaprima roses?

Katya Hutter: 

In your amazing collection you have beautiful magenta roses like Mamy Blue. Magenta was named Color of the Year by Pantone. They combine beautifully with unusual lavender Purple Haze and/or Tiara roses, two-tone Govinda, as well as with nude shades - my favorite RP Moab or Quicksand. Add a bit of soft peach Mother of Pearl and a unique winter color palette ready to surprise your customers.

When it comes to wedding flowers and wedding flower arrangements in the winter, are there any special techniques or tricks you use to ensure they look beautiful throughout the event?

DOGWOOD & FIR: For winter wedding flowers, just the basics, trim the stems, change the water to clean water, and always pour floral food to keep them strong. Winter is the easiest season to work with flowers. Is cold outside and you don’t have to worry about keeping them happy.

Katya Hutter: In our European climate, in Amsterdam where I live, room temperatures are getting lower and lower, so it's very important to order flowers in advance and condition them really well to make sure the flowers, especially roses, fully open before they incorporated into an event or a wedding design. In my opinion, the best designs show at least 2/3 of fully open flowers.

Event and wedding flowers differ from retail flowers and are delivered to a customer at their peak to ensure that all guests enjoy the best possible floral display and fully developed flowers at their finest stage. Sometimes I use a Quick Dip solution to help flowers to absorb water better and to develop faster.

An innovative twist on a classic - Wedding Flower Inspiration

To create a winter wedding wonderland, it's crucial to be creative with wedding flowers and wedding bouquets. One idea is to play off of the cold temperatures by incorporating icy blues or whites into bouquets and arrangements, creating an ethereal look that evokes snow-covered landscapes.

Add interesting elements like pinecones, snowberries, holly branches, or frosty foliage to create a rustic winter wonderland feel.

Another unique twist that can be used to make the wedding day stand out is the incorporation of bold and vivid colors. Instead of relying on the traditional white palette, couples could incorporate vibrant shades such as burgundy, navy blue, and emerald green.

Adding colorful accents such as corsages and boutonnieres made with roses in these colors can make a statement and bring a touch of warmth to the atmosphere for winter weddings.

It's known that white flowers are popular wedding flowers color for winter. What would be your twist or recommendation to make it different?

DOGWOOD & FIR: I consider myself a rebel so I like to convince my couples not to do white unless your want to transport your guest to the Snow Fairyland of the Nutcracker. But I always like to create a really unique and special ambiance for my couples. I want to tell a story and make them feel like they have been transported to an era, story, picture, etc.

My recommendation is: Let yourself go and explore fantasies, creativity is limitless. Don’t follow trends and always keep an eye open.

Katya Hutter: White and green is a classic combination, always elegant and fresh. If your client is open to experimenting, try to add to white some shades of light grey - Early Grey, Amnesia to make your bridal work stand out.

Iconic Roses for extraordinary winter weddings

Rosaprima roses are some of the finest roses available for creating extraordinary winter weddings. These beautiful, velvety roses come in a variety of colors and hues that can be used to create truly spectacular bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.

Their long-lasting blooms and exquisite petal structure make them a popular choice for winter weddings, helping to create an atmosphere of luxury and beauty that will last throughout the special day.

With the help of Rosaprima roses, couples can bring their unique vision of romance and beauty to life. These elegant blooms truly represent the perfect way to make your winter wedding unforgettable.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to plan an unforgettable winter wedding! Visit our catalog to discover more exquisite roses for your big day.