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What’s in the color of a rose?

13 October 2022

In it’s 25+ years of existence, Rosaprima has carefully selected its exquisite collection of over 150 varieties of roses. Each rose is unique and special in its own way. Together, they cover a wide range of tones and wonderful combinations in 16 distinct colors. There is much to look at when choosing a rose. But what is in the color of a rose? What does a color mean and/or transmit?

There is no doubt colors can influence our mood. Colors can have powerful associations that can connote feelings and help communicate ideas more clearly. And although different cultures may have specific connotations for some colors, some meanings have become well established in our ever-more connected world.

Here we leave you a quick overview of some of the more widely accepted ideas related to colors, with a few suggestions of our roses to match them.

White, the freshest color of a rose

The color white is often associated with fresh, new beginnings. It can also evoke a feeling of purity, innocence, and spirituality. The color white often conveys a sense of clean, of that which is modern and youthful.

With roses, it is the perfect color for weddings, and all spiritual and religious ceremonies. It is also great for giving a house or an event that crisp, refined tone of elegance while remaining modern and full of life.

Some of our top choices for the white roses are our brand new varieties Coldplay and Leonora, as well as RP Aspen, Escimo, Playa Blanca and Tibet. To view all our white roses, click here.

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Sunny Yellow Roses

Yellow is a warm and happy color that can also be bright and intense, bringing powerful energy and exuberance. It is a color that certainly grabs your attention with its cheerful presence.

Yellow roses are believed to symbolize friendship and convey excitement and joy. A yellow rose can bring high levels of energy to any arrangement and will always brighten its surroundings.

Rosaprima carries an impressive 16 different varieties of yellow roses that you can see here. We highly recommend you try our new Momentum rose, as well as our beloved Bikini, Brighton, Lighthouse and Super Sun for our most intense yellows. For a more subdued yellow rose, go with one of our David Austin yellow roses: Effie.

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Orange Roses

Like the color yellow, orange too, is an up-lifting, energetic, bright color. It also conveys feelings of happiness and is quite visible. The color orange is strong and will never go unnoticed!

Orange roses will create a wonderful highlight in any floral arrangement. They are especially coveted during the fall, bringing that bit of warmth from a beautiful sunset. It is a wonderful color to play with dry leaves and ochre tones.

Be sure to check out our newest additions to our orange roses: Chamaleon. Also try some of our customer’s favorites: Confidential, Free Spirit, Nexus and RP Copper Kiss, or take a look at all our orange varieties.


Color of a Rose: Lavender

The color purple is an intricate color that can have different meanings. The most common association is with that of nobility and wealth. But purple can also be identified with courage, bravery and wisdom. It’s mysterious sense equally draws on the divine and spiritual.

Purple, or Lavender roses are simply beautiful. They have a quiet allure and sophistication that will draw your attention. Rosaprima’s top choices include Blueberry, Early Grey, Govinda, Mamy Blue and Ocean Song. Also see our full list of lavender roses.

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Pretty Pink Roses

The color pink is a truly versatile color. It can transmit love, kindness, femininity and compassion. It can be a calming color, peaceful and serene. At the same time, a brighter tone of pink can be energetic, chic, and vibrant. Pink is associated with all that is feminine. It is the color of Valentine’s Day, and the color pink is also used to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Pink roses are full of possibilities. Florists use them to bring out the softer, sweeter side of an arrangement, but also use the hotter pink to bring a pop of color and vibrancy to the overall look.

With 39 varieties of pink roses (click here for a full list), highlighting only a few is a daunting task. Too many are our favorites, but we certainly have to suggest our new Princess Crown and Dark Expression. Some of the all-time favorites include RP Flamingo, Mayra Pink, Romantic Antike, Christa, Pink Floyd and Constance, from our David Austin collection.

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Color of a Rose: Red

Red is the universal color for love. This strong, bold color connotes depth, passion and desire. It is also a color associated with power and confidence and is one color that will not be overlooked! Red is alive with fire and energy. Red infuses positivity and it’s deep feelings can be felt with just one look.

The epitome of love, the red rose can transmit the deepest and most sublime emotions. At Rosaprima we are proud to have the most exquisite collection of Red Roses. Each one has its distinct characteristics, but today we highlight our exclusives: RP Black Pearl and RP Freedom Ultra and some classics like Explorer, Finally and of course, Hearts.

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Colors can have powerful meanings that we might not catch at first. But they can subtly influence us, and change our mood. We hope our brief overview of the color of roses and their meanings help you when deciding which roses to choose!