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Wedding Season Inspo: Bridal Bouquets

13 October 2022

Wedding season is officially here, and it’s busier than ever! The New York Times estimates that over 2.5 million weddings will take place in 2022, making this year a very active one (to put it lightly!) for florists and designers. In a whirlwind of bookings and creating different designs for a plethora of brides, it can be challenging to think through the floral arrangements that will best match the couple’s vision for their wedding. One common concern is the bridal bouquet; this central piece can greatly enhance the bride’s wedding dress as well as her overall appearance and aura. Surprisingly, the bridal bouquet can also affect the overarching characteristic of photographs, so it’s important to get that piece right. One of the ways to do that is by combining the right flowers, colors, and textures to enhance the look of the wedding dress. Keep reading to find some simple yet helpful inspiration on what to look for when choosing the right blooms for your next bridal bouquet.


According to the popular wedding platform Zola, nearly 40% of couples will choose a romantic theme for their wedding. Love is everything to these brides, and they will want to display that throughout their wedding. Matching the bridal bouquet to the theme will be a crucial component in tying the overarching look of the event together. Floral professionals are noticing a growing trend within this style that includes softer and more minimal dresses paired with more robust and texturized bouquets. At the same time, the bouquets’ size and shape should be adequate to not overpower the dress (Brides). If your bride is gravitating towards a romantic-styled wedding this spring, select pastel colors that will keep the look classic and add green accents along with touches of wildflowers to maintain a playful feeling at the same time.

Designer Tip: select large pure white or pastel roses (like RP Aspen or Playa Blanca), white and/or peach ranunculus, and a brighter colored garden rose (such as David Austin Juliet) to add elegance and romance simultaneously.


Couples that prefer black and white and more traditional and timeless elements (approximately 33% of them!) will land on a classic wedding look. Brides within this category make a statement with understated yet intentional details. Ultimately, they prioritize beauty in simplicity; but they like to add pizzazz with some glitz! For many brides, this may mean choosing two or three different flowers in similar shades to make up their bouquet, keeping it elegant and luxurious. Alternatively, the bride may decide to keep the entire bouquet en masse, meaning utilizing a single favorite flower for the whole piece (Wedding Wire).

Designer Tip: Pair white and cream roses (such as Candlelight) to make up the main focal point of the bouquet. Apply delicate accents in smaller flowers in the same shades, such as white ranunculus or lily of the valley (an increasingly popular flower), to add depth to the arrangement. Keep greenery to a minimum and maintain a consistent yet natural shape throughout the bouquet.

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