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Valentine’s Day Wrap Up

13 October 2022

February is usually one of the busiest times for the floral industry, with flowers (especially roses) ranking third as the most sought-after gift to celebrate love and friendship.

Every year we prepare for Valentine’s Day months in advance.

As early as December, we curate our Valentine’s Day Collection, select our trendsetters, and ensure the harvest will be bountiful to cover our supply and fulfill all of our client’s orders for the months to come.

And while our preparations for Valentine’s Day Season require planning and hard work, they also call for a guiding message. Our Seasonal Collections always have a theme to help us connect with the context and with our clients. This year’s theme was “Iconic Roses for Life’s Extraordinary love stories”. We believe every love story deserves to be celebrated.

The pandemic has taught us we need to be sensitive, caring, and responsible.

It has also shown us the importance of appreciating what we do have and making sure we take the time to acknowledge and celebrate it. The joys of life come in many different shapes and sizes and we must remember to mark them all, most especially through these difficult times of uncertainty. It is a time to rejoice in our love: for our significant others, our neighbors, our carers, our doctors, and all our essential workers, our friends, our family, and even ourselves.

With this in mind, this year’s Valentine’s Collection was selected to celebrate different kinds of love with different kinds of roses; all iconic in their own way! (You can revisit our Collection here).

Now that February has come to a close, we are overjoyed to find that celebrating love is as vital as ever, if not more so!

We felt it from the beginning and we witnessed the outpouring of love first-hand. It has been humbling to see our roses being delivered to over 50 countries this Valentine’s Day. Over the years, Rosaprima continues its mission and reaffirms it: to grow the most iconic roses for life’s extraordinary moments. We hope each rose from this year’s Valentine’s Day Collection made somebody very happy!