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Valentine's with Rosaprima

14 February 2024

Valentine's Day has traditionally been associated with red roses. However, Rosaprima believes in breaking away from the conventional. Join us as we embrace a new perspective that captures the vibrant essence of a colorful Valentine's Day.

 To offer a stunning array of colors, Rosaprima's challenge was to mix red roses with other vibrant colors from our curated collection.

This invitation encourages florists to let their creativity flourish and add excitement to this special celebration.

A Vibrant Celebration

Valentine's Day 2024 promises to be an unforgettable and colorful celebration, thanks to our collaboration with amazing florists all around the US. These talented artists have helped create beautiful and imaginative floral recipes. Their stunning displays offer a kaleidoscope of color,  showcasing the many shades of our flowers.

With carefully crafted floral recipes, Rosaprima and their partner florists have created an exquisite selection of Valentine's Day arrangements.

House of Bernal

"All I can think about is a sea of flowers when Valentine's is around! It's a day where not just lovers celebrate but family members and friends. I envisioned a romantic private proposal dinner embraced with lush, vibrant fragrant florals and warm candlelight."

Floral recipe: Freedom, Elegance Bianco, Miss Piggy and Star Blush.

Chloe Rose Design

"I was inspired by the idea of love. Gathering people you adore and making them feel loved and special through flowers. I truly believe flowers can transform a space and provoke good energy and positive feelings."

Floral recipe: Freedom, Juliet, Elegance Salmone and Mistral Rosso.

Carlos Muina

"This modern take feels fresh and new, steering clear of clichés and cheesiness."

Floral recipe: Freedom, Aly, Mistral Bianco and RP Moab

Dogwood & Fir

"We always look for inspiration in art. For this Valentine's campaign in collaboration with @rosaprimaroses, we wanted to recreate the famous Greek myth of Eros & Psyche to honor the day of the lovers."

Floral recipe: Tess, RP Black Pearl, RP Moab and Cloni Success Renoir.

Blue Jasmine

"Showcasing other blooms with red roses helps the red roses shine and stand out even more! A backdrop of pink makes the reds more red, and hints of white make them feel more rich and velvety. "

Floral recipe: Freedom, Tess, RP Lady Eva and Cloni Success Niveo

Alex Scholtz

"This collaboration helped me to realize how versatile Red Roses can be in a color story. The darkness of the Anemones amplified a sense of unexpected romance to the overall scene."

Floral recipe: Freedom, Mistral Burgundy, Elegance Rosso and Bridal Pink.

TJ Mc Grath

"I love taking the traditional palette to new places and opening people's eyes to seeing this holiday in new and dynamic ways and colors. IT'S SO FRESH!"

Floral recipe: Freedom, Bridal Pink, RP Moab and Elegance Rosso

We are on a mission to create an unforgettable and vibrant celebration of love. Our commitment to excellence and passion for roses drives us to create timeless moments. This Valentine's Day let's celebrate love's true essence - its diversity and vibrancy - with Rosaprima's stunning floral creations. Embrace the unexpected, let your creativity flourish, and make this day one to remember.