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Upgrade Your Summer Decor with Uplifting Roses

12 October 2022

As the season comes to an end, make the most of it! Upgrade your summer decor with uplifting roses! After a day spent enjoying the outdoor air and the summer sun, bring a bit of nature inside with some fresh flowers. Now is the perfect time to spruce up your interiors to bring the cheery season inside with roses and stretch the summer.

Let Roses Uplift Your Mood

It is hard to deny the positive impact of flowers on its surroundings. Indeed, all it takes to see its effects first-hand is to watch someone receiving even a single flower! In fact, a study conducted at Rutgers University, found that recipients of flowers displayed more true smiles and reported a longer increase in positive emotions when compared to those who received other gifts. Uplift your mood and evoke the positive emotional benefits of incorporating flowers into your seasonal decor.

Complete Your Summer Decor with Uplifting Roses

No matter what style you’re going for, there’s a Rosaprima rose that is perfect for your space. This summer, bold monochromatic color palettes are on-trend. An easy way to incorporate bold tones is by using roses as accents. Show your adventurous side with colors that are full of energy and vibrancy. With the wide variety of roses available from Rosaprima, there’s one that will accent any space. Plus, live plants in the home are also “in” and using fresh florals allow for an easy way to incorporate this look into your home.

But if bold statement colors aren’t the look you’re going for, classic interiors are also growing in popularity. What better way to accent classic decor than with roses – an iconic, classic, and versatile flower.

Rosaprima’s Mamy Blue is a bold, bright, deep purple hue

Using Roses as accents

As a focal point in a dining room, an accent on a living room side table, or subtly placed on a bookshelf, the possibilities of decorating with roses are endless. The variety of colors, sizes, and shapes will help you craft a unique addition for any space. Try a David Austin Rose or a Garden Rose in a shorter vase for smaller spaces. They will give a nuanced, yet beautiful pop of color and texture. For a larger, more prominent space, try using one of our larger bud varieties such as Candlelight or Pompeii. You can also try roses from our exclusive collection which make for stunning floral statements. Additionally, varying the types of roses within an arrangement can be another way to work in more colors and textures that will complement the area you are decorating. Don’t forget to put thought into the vases you’re using as well. They should round out the space so that they look like a natural part of the decor.

Upgrading your summer decor can be done easily by using roses. Enjoy the season and extend it as much as you can! Roses will instantly uplift any space while you experience the positivity they radiate. With over 150 varieties of roses cultivated, Rosaprima offers some of the most beautiful and exclusive roses in the world. They will be sure to brighten your mood and take your summer decor to the next level.

Part of Rosaprima’s David Austin Roses collection, Keira and Constance.