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Top 9 Tips for Creating Memorable Holiday Designs with Marcy Almoney

13 October 2022

The holidays are right around the corner and florists across the nation are stocking up on florals and greens to create the most whimsical holiday designs. Naturally, this can be a stressful time for floral professionals as they think through taking their designs to the next level and starting the new year on the right foot. No need to fear! If you’re looking to upscale your designs, you’ll want to check out these expert tips from Marcy Almoney from Foster’s Flower Shop as she shares some key factors to keep in mind to create unforgettable, long-lasting, holiday designs.


Add contrast: We all know the most popular colors of the season are red and white; but have you tried using other colors to accent them? Try detailing your piece with bright green or antique lavender colors. A fresh green Wasabi rose or enchanting Tiara will definitely do the trick

Try multitone reds: Different shades of reds look beautiful. Mix varieties of red roses to enhance your designs. I personally love the brightness of the Freedom rose with the velvety darkness of the RP Black Pearl rose. They look absolutely stunning together.


Make it last longer: Want to create a holiday design that lasts until New Years? It’s completely possible if you choose your varieties wisely.

Let’s start with the Wasabi rose and why it is the perfect rose for your holiday designs: its high petal count, hardiness, and soft green petals that almost fade to a white over time, create a piece that seems like it just gets better as the days go by. If you pair this with one of the hardiest white roses around, Playa Blanca, you’re in the game of selling a 2-week design (that is of course with proper client floral care). The neutral colors will fit perfectly with every celebration decoration.

Make your designs the star of the show: Maybe you’re having a holiday party and want a design just for this event . If this is the case, you’ll want to use garden roses such as Leonora and Tess to be the stars. Their perfect ruffled petals in their full circular shapes are such a conversation piece. The perfect anchor rose that will compliment Leonora and Tess is the smaller but mighty white Escimo rose. It works well with any design.

Choose your evergreens: When designing with evergreens, choose a green that won’t have a needle drop. Cypress, redwood, painted evergreens, dusty miller, berries, and eucalyptus are perfect. Be sure to have clean stems!

Take advantage of winter: Do you live in a cooler climate? Try your hand at decorating your entry with roses. The temperature that works best is between 38 and 50 degrees fahrenheit.  The roses will need water tubes as well. Using larger water tubes will allow for more water distribution which means you won’t have to change it as frequently. However, you will want to check the water levels on a daily basis. If you notice the temperature dropping below 38 degrees, you will need to bring your roses inside. Temperatures that are too cold will brown the petals.


Elongated shapes: As far as choosing containers for your holiday arrangements, I love using elongated shapes for the centerpieces. Long wooden boxes that you can fill with chicken wire or oasis are perfect. Be sure to strip all the needles off of your evergreens before putting them into oasis or water. This will keep the water cleaner.

Don’t have an elongated container? No worries, you can build your own armature! Birching branches attached to a candle holder over top of an oasis raquette will help you create any length you need.

Compotes: Compotes are perfect when sending floral arrangements as they can act as a centerpiece for dinner tables or be set as an accent piece on a recipient buffet. This gives your recipient options. If you are working with a clear compote, use clear floral tape to create a grid for your stems to rest on. For syndicate sales pillows, try spraying it silver. For these, it is best to change the water daily to ensure freshness.

Garlands: Handmade garlands for your mantels? Try using oasis netting (or chicken wire works too). You’ll be able to create the exact shape desired and get more mileage from your materials.  Add fresh roses and floral to your garland to take it up a few notches. You’ll need to use water tubes. Remember to refill them or check them every day. Spraying your garlands will keep them longer as well.