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Top 5 Fall Wedding Varieties

13 October 2022

Few seasons have a magical appeal quite like fall. The weather grows cooler, and the leaves begin to turn vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red as fall ushers in the holiday seasons. Among the many things the season is perfect for, autumn is a wonderful time to say, “I do.” When planning a fall wedding, you’ve likely seen color palettes that mimic the natural warmth of the season. These warm tones perfectly complement a wedding and capture the essence of the season, which is why we’ve picked our favorite rose varieties to incorporate into your fall wedding floral arrangements.

RP Black Pearl

Topping this list is the magnificent RP Black Pearl, a rose variety grown exclusively by Rosaprima. With deep red and velvet petals, this rose variety will grace any arrangement by adding delicate texture and elegance. It is the right choice for any fall wedding and will symbolize the deep love to be shared for years to come.


Juliet is a true romantic and a classic choice for any memorable wedding. The bloom’s heart is a deep, warm apricot that gracefully ombres into a pale peach. Juliet is full of voluminous and ruffled petals that give her a unique style all her own. You will absolutely fall in love with her!

Free Spirit

Reminiscent of the roses found in the gardens of European royalty, Free Spirit is a captivating and classically beautiful rose. The petals are a cheerful peachy pink color, with hints of yellow and orange, with a slight accent of vibrant fuchsia at their tips. This rose variety effortlessly adds elegance to any arrangement, and the vibrant colors perfectly complement a joyous occasion.


Another bloom that comes in shades of deep red and blackcurrant, Tess is a sight to behold. Elegance at its finest, this rose has abundant petals with deep and dramatic ruffles. Tess perfectly encapsulates fall and will be the star of any wedding arrangement. The velvety-soft petals add a delicate texture, while a gold stamen shimmers at the heart of the voluminous bloom.


Quicksand is a perfectly elegant rose, with creamy petals colored in a delicate champagne. Slightly ruffled edges are brushed with a blush of warm berry, a wonderful complement to any fall wedding. She exudes sweet femininity and grace and will be at home in a stunning arrangement.

These five Rosaprima varieties perfectly complement any fall wedding. Choosing any will perfectly convey the warmth, positivity, and elegance of such a special occasion. Rosaprima looks forward and is honored to be a part of a day remembered for a lifetime.