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Top 10 favorite Rosaprima roses for weddings

12 October 2022

There’s magic in the air. The excitement and romance of wedding season has begun! With over 20 years of experience in growing and providing luxury roses for florists all over the world, we’re delighted to share with you a list of our customer’s top ten favorites for the wedding season!

No matter what style, with our product portfolio of more than 150 of the finest and most exclusive varieties , Rosaprima has the perfect roses for every wedding!

  1. Playa Blanca: This pure white rose with a double-hearted center is becoming a classic for its elegance and beauty combined with its flair of sauciness.

  2. RP Aspen: This is one of our newest additions to our collection. Produced exclusively for Rosaprima and by Rosaprima, it is no wonder why it is included on this top ten list. Full of poetry and suggestion, Aspen has a swirling white bud reminiscent of pureness and light, wrapped by ruffled and plentiful petals. Just the right bit of white, light and texture to adorn any wedding!

  3. Hearts: This ruffled beauty is an all-time favorite not only for weddings, but for every occasion! It certainly brings passion and pizazz to any arrangement with its deep red color and the heart shape it creates at the center of its very abundant layers of petals.

  4. RP Black Pearl: Rosaprima’s Black Pearl defines luxury and elegance. This majestic rose with its rich, velvet-like petals and deep merlot hues took almost a decade for Rosaprima to develop together with the breeder NIRP International and remains a worldwide exclusive of Rosaprima, an endeavor that has proven well worth the effort as it has won several prestigious awards from the industry and is widely considered the jewel of the rose world. It is a favorite for classic, romantic weddings.

  5. Pink Mondial: “The bridal rose”. With dusty pink hues in the center, its cascading outer ring of petals open in a delicate cream tone. This bi-color rose is loved for weddings as its pristine, romantic appearance adds charm and vintage and symbolized unity, virtue and the pureness of a new bond of love.

  6. White O’hara: An off-white rose with a hint of blush at the center and a fresh, green tinge on the outside. This spectacularly delicate, romantic garden rose not only looks fantastic with its abundant layers of petals and a quartered center once it opens, it is also a highly fragrant rose that complements any color palette, perfect for every style!

  7. Juliet: With a gorgeous, cupped rosette form of old roses, this intense peach-colored rose opens up to lighter, paler petals on the outside that give off a wonderfully subtle fragrance of snowdrop and daffodil. The first of the David Austin cut roses to be released, it remains an all-time favorite for any occasion, but most especially for weddings as its elegance, beauty and romance only adds to the wonderful celebration of love!

  8. RP Sweet Escimo: This creamy pale pink rose is a straight-forward, classic rose that blows out in a swirl, with its petals providing ample texture while maintaining its clean aesthetic. Reminiscent of delicate porcelain paintings, this rose will add a touch of vintage to any wedding ceremony.

  9. Quicksand: One of the most esteemed and sought-after wedding roses due to its elusive nude color, Rosaprima’s quicksand is elegant and luxurious, sweet, and feminine and a perfect addition to a special wedding arrangement.

  10. Ocean Song: A wonderfully lavender and mauve-colored rose resembling satin, Ocean Song has an antique feeling to it, summoning the mystery and magic of love perfect for weddings that want to distinguish themselves from the more traditional red and blush tones, while maintaining style and elegance.

Rosaprima has the firm belief that roses have an important place in life’s most precious moments. Whatever the wedding style, Rosaprima is sure to have the perfect rose for the occasion. This is a compilation of our customer’s favorites, but don’t forget to look at our full exclusive collection or get in touch with one of our sales representatives for their expert guidance if you are looking for something you don’t see here.