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The importance of giving yourself flowers

13 October 2022

The #UnforgettableFall campaign has invited us to reflect on the beauty of simplicity. We’re going through a hard time and we’re sensitive to the sorrow, the hardships and the struggle. But we’ve also had time to pause, to appreciate what we have and build bridges with the people we cherish. We’ve worked hard to remain optimistic and made it a point to take care of ourselves.

That is why now, it’s more important than ever to remember the revitalizing power of giving ourselves flowers. When we think about roses we tend to think about beautifully fixed bouquets, glamorous events, or curated installations. We’re big fans of giving roses to our loved ones. There’s even a cultural movement, an agreement, that makes us think of roses and think of love. And we can’t help it, we’re romantics at heart! But we’ve understated the importance of getting them for ourselves. And ah, it’s the most graceful act of self-love!

Rituals such as a morning meditation or drinking your favorite coffee before work, are moments we take for ourselves, and moments we truly cherish. Many of us have had to readjust or adapt these rituals to our new spaces, our new home office, our new -somewhat limited- routines. Let’s make them beautiful. Memorable. Iconic. Get yourself flowers for your favorite spot at home, your new office, your bedside table. Decorate your life with the most beautiful blooms and make your days delightful! You’ll be amazed at the marvellous effects of having roses around.

PS: if you’re a first time rose buyer, you can follow our tips & tricks on how to extend your roses’ shelf life.