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The freshness you deserve

12 October 2022

Staying home has been a challenging experience for most. With work to be done, house chores to be tended to, children to be looked out for, and much more going on, we are trying hard to find time to be alone with ourselves. There are constant ups and downs. Days when we try to make the best out of it, and then days when all we want to do is to pack our bags, forget COVID ever came into our lives and leave our house for months on end. It’s a bit overwhelming! But we wanted to share a quick reminder with you: it doesn’t take a long trip or outing to make your home feel like a refreshing oasis (amid chaos). It does take, however, a bit of your time, inspiration, and a bunch of fresh-cut roses.

Fresh-cut roses are beneficial for your health, always, but Rosaprima roses are more than that. Rosaprima roses are uplifting. They’re food for the soul. They can turn an empty corner in your house into your favorite spot. They’re the difference between walking into your dining room and thinking to yourself “why do I feel as if something is missing” and walking into the dining room gasping every time. They bloom so beautifully that they remind the observer we’re surrounded by beauty everywhere, all the time. Without even noticing, you’ll be taking a break from your buzzing schedule only to appreciate their gracefulness.

If you’ve been feeling uninspired or stuck, think about your favorite color. Pick a space. Then go from there.

With over 150 varieties of roses, we hope we can give you the breath of freshness you deserve!