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The Floral Art of Meg Hutchinson 

16 October 2022

The carefree, colorful beauty of her hometown of Holland, Michigan, influenced Meg Hutchinson from a young age. Her passion for flowers flourished in her mother's garden and blossomed into a career where art, emotion, and beauty harmoniously blended. The focus of her floral artwork is on each flower. Like an artist with a paintbrush contemplating where color, shape, or image should go, Meg allows the flower to speak of its true home in the arrangement.

Meg draws her inspiration from the world around her. The interior spaces, outdoor locations, people she meets, and her life are reflected in each floral art piece she creates. She is passionate about Rosaprima Roses. To create each of her most heartfelt floral art pieces begins with an assortment of Rosaprima Roses and Ranunculus, Plum, Fall Grass, Acacia, Astrantia, Zinnias, and Cosmos from her garden. She also uses locally grown Dahlias from Nashville, Tennessee.

So how does she create these striking floral art pieces? Read on for a Step-by-Step Introduction to the Basics.

6 Steps to Creating an Artful, Heartfelt Floral Piece

  • For the floral base, begin by putting a floral frog at the bottom of your chosen floral vessel. Add a layer of chicken wire and secure all with green floral tape before adding water.
  • Create structure and shape by adding angular greenery and foliage like Acacia and Plum. Create an S shape for depth by making one side high and the other low.
  • Fill in the arrangement with Astrantia and Zinnia for depth, layers of color, contrast, and increased beauty.
  • Add the Star of the Show, Rosaprima Roses, to the arrangement. Let your emotions, the season, and the atmosphere decide your chosen colors. She chose Juliet, Quicksand, RP Moab, Candy, Mandarin-X pression, and Nina. Depending on the mood of your arrangement, sinking the mute-toned roses deeper into the piece and keeping the striking bold-toned roses higher is usually best.
  • Design by adding texture with Dahlias, Cosmos, and Rosaprima Ranunculus, to fill in gaps and add shape. These florals are a breath of fresh air to lighten the mood and emotion of the floral piece.
  • Complete the finishing touches by taking a step back and reflecting on the floral creation. At this point, touching up the floral piece's shape, space, texture, color, and emotional tone may be needed. Sometimes adding or removing florals may be necessary. It is important to let every flower speak to you, where it belongs, and admire the finished piece to ensure each flower complements the other and the finished product.

As you can see, creating an artful, heartfelt, and inspirational floral piece is not as difficult as it might look! Start with beautiful, high-quality florals. Let the florals and the world around you speak to your heart; the rest is almost effortless!

Meg particularly loves the contrast of light and dark, evocative of the seasons as they come and go, and allows that to inspire her floral pieces. Unique and individual Rosaprima rose colors like RP Moab always seem to tie the spectrum of colors together, adding complexity to each piece's color, size, and scent.

Rosaprima Roses and Ranunculus are the best quality roses she has ever used in her arrangements, and she absolutely adores them! They offer many long-lasting blooms that outlast all other flowers in the floral arrangement. She highly recommends them to anyone who wants to enjoy long-lasting beauty in their floral pieces.