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Rosaprima's Unforgettable 2023

1 January 2024

As part of the ever-evolving world of flowers, Rosaprima had a remarkable 2023. We introduced captivating new rose varieties, embarked on exciting new projects, and made our presence known at prestigious trade shows. Join us as we share the highlights of this unforgettable year.

New Rose Variety Launches

This year, Rosaprima added more than 20 exquisite rose varieties to its collection. With a new line of spray roses boasting bright colors as well as soft pastels, we offered a unique spectrum of colors and shapes that perfectly complemented this year's rose collection.

Introducing the spray roses line marked the beginning of our exciting lineup for the year. Our "Let Your Personality Bloom" campaign reflected Rosaprima's unwavering passion and diligence for roses, showcasing our innovative collaboration with renowned florists who participated in this project.

During spring, the enchanting pastel rose varieties Cooldown and Miss Piggy took center stage in our Mother's Day campaign. Responding to the growing demand for neutral tones, we proudly unveiled "Neutrals by Rosaprima," featuring the exquisite Aly, the timeless Westminster Abbey, and the classic RP Lady Eva.

As summer arrived, Rosaprima brought the joy of outdoor picnics with vibrant Country Blues, elegant Sweet Memory, and refreshing Green Romance. These roses added charm to picnic tables and gatherings. The Veggie rose, with its crisp green petals, undoubtedly became the highlight of our collection, offering a unique and refreshing addition.

With the arrival of fall, we introduced Phoenix, a rose that beautifully captures the tranquil essence of a sunrise with its creamy edges. It was the perfect conclusion to a wonderful year. As we look forward to 2024, we are excited to expand our rose collection to meet the market's ever-evolving demands.

Projects during 2023

Floraprima, A World of Beauty

In recent years, Rosaprima noticed a rising demand within the industry for specialty flowers seasonally grown in countries like Italy and Holland. Since then, our expert growers embarked on an audacious journey to produce high-quality specialty flowers.

By working closely with growers, we ensure that each flower is nurtured to reach its fullest potential, resulting in exquisite blooms that are second to none. Floraprima's home is nestled in the heart of the Altura highlands of Cayambe, Ecuador. Here, unique and often rare flowers, like ranunculus and anemones, can be cultivated year round and have become highly coveted in the floral industry.

Rosaprima Wedding feauring Karen Tran

In September, we collaborated with the renowned florist Karen Tran. Adorned with Rosaprima roses, we created an enchanting ambiance where the roses took center stage at one of life's most memorable occasions. With the backdrop of the Californian sunset, the beauty of RP Aspen and RP Lady Eva harmonized with the white and pastel colors that adorned the entire wedding venue, exuding grace and elegance.

Sustainable Flowers Project

In October, we partnered with esteemed flower experts Becky Freasby and Thomas McGrath for the 2023 Sustainable Flowers Project, welcoming over 40 participants to Jardin de Buis, New Jersey. Sustainability was at the forefront of our conversation, extending beyond "no floral foam" and encompassing all aspects of floristry. During workshop lectures, Rosaprima presented its first Sustainability Report.

This three-day workshop celebrated community, flowers, and our shared responsibility for Mother Earth. It nurtured a vision for a sustainable and inclusive future, emphasizing the importance of respecting every petal and stem.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are dynamic hubs where innovation and artistry converge in the floral industry. In 2023, Rosaprima made a significant impact at prestigious floral exhibitions worldwide.


Our spray roses adorned the Rosaprima stand for the first time, adding elegance to our showcase.

SAF: Next Gen Live

In June, Rosaprima participated in SAF Next Gen, where our Sales Manager for North America, Jena Girzeskyi, hosted a mindfulness masterclass for all attendees. We got to meet and participate in all the activities of this new generation's vision.


At SAF Phoenix 2023, we proudly displayed our latest rose varieties, earning accolades with Cloni Success Hanoi and RP Moab both receiving Blue Ribbons, and Phoenix the Red Ribbon. Our participation in the Outstanding Varieties Competition showcased our commitment to delivering the finest flowers to the market.


Rosaprima ventured to Proflora for the first time and won the Best Stand award. We connected with remarkable customers and showcased our unique RP Moab, captivating visitors with its exceptional color and fragrance.


The International Floriculture Trade Fair in Amsterdam marked the grand finale of our trade show journey in 2023. Our exhibit featured David Austin roses, RP Moab, and the stunning Floraprima collection, captivating all who entered with vibrant colors and fragrant flowers.

Behind Rosaprima's success lies our exceptional team, whose dedication shone brightly throughout these events.

A Heartfelt Thank You

As we bid adieu to 2023, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers, partners and fellow flower enthusiasts. Your unwavering support and passion have been integral to our journey and success. We welcome all new members who joined the Rosaprima family this year.

Here's to an exciting 2024, where we eagerly anticipate continuing our floral journey together, delighting and inspiring you with more surprises and exquisite flowers. Thank you for being an essential part of our story.