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Rosaprima’s commitment to Ecuador

12 October 2022

Between the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, Ecuador had one of the most severe waves of out-migration. It is estimated that close to one million Ecuadorians left in less than ten years (around 8 percent of the total population at that time). This massive exodus was driven, among other reasons, by serious economic crisis in the 1980s. The turmoil that ensued – including country-wide strikes from the most affected populations, and a financial crisis that saw banks close their doors to their clients for days while the country’s currency lost its value to the point that led to the adoption of the US dollar as the official currency – made Ecuador a highly risky country to invest in. Meanwhile, many already established companies made the decision to either close or move their facilities to other countries. This in turn led to even higher unemployment rates and an overall feeling of despair that gave the final push for many Ecuadorians to join the migration wave.

It is at that point in the history of Ecuador that Rosaprima was created: during one of the most severe crises in the country. While so many left in search of better opportunities, Rosaprima began its business of growing roses in one of its two hectares of land. With only a handful of employees in 1995, and a vision of what could be accomplished, it started building strong bonds with its personnel and the surrounding communities, taking roots and laying down the foundation of what it is today.

The area where Rosaprima established its farm had belonged to large landholders that mostly raised cattle. As this business became less profitable, more and more of these farms stopped their operations and their workers found themselves struggling. Many families fragmented as the heads (usually the men) migrated in search of opportunities, leaving the women and children behind and completely unprotected. With Rosaprima and other rose plantations that started to establish themselves in the area, the communities found a viable alternative for supporting themselves.

Despite political and financial instability in the country, Rosaprima continued to work diligently. Its growth over these more than twenty years is the result of hard and disciplined work, coupled with a strong belief in the great potential of the country. The risks taken in order to follow a vision have proven worthy as Rosaprima has established itself as a leader known not only for the extraordinary beauty and quality of its luxury roses, but also for its integrity as a company that cares for people and the environment.

While Rosaprima continues to grow, its vision remains clear, and its core values grow stronger. Being able to provide its clients with dedicated service and extraordinary roses that they can consistently count on is the fundamental mission that has helped Rosaprima become the gold standard in the rose industry.

Today Rosaprima has the privilege of counting on a team of more than 1500 employees most of whom come from the same communities whose members were until recently forced to migrate to other countries in search of opportunities. With the addition of close to 40 hectares last year this number is set to grow further still. Thanks to their hard work, Rosaprima roses can be found around the world- from small towns in the USA to the biggest capitals of love in Europe. Rosaprima is incredibly proud to continue its steady and careful growth through its belief in the productivity of Ecuador and its people.