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Rosaprima’s CEO Speaks at WF&FSA’s Floral Distribution Conference

12 October 2022

Rosaprima’s founder and CEO, Ross Johnson, shared his insights during this year’s Keynote Session at the Floral Distribution Conference (FDC). Organized by the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supply Association (WF&FSA), more than 500 of its members participated in the highly anticipated annual conference. From November 5 – 7, attendees participated in the sharing of knowledge through presentations, panelist sessions, networking events, and Table Top exhibits where they showcased their stellar products.

The overarching theme this year was “Changing Tides”, and the keynote address highlighted “Change and Disruption in the Floral Distribution Channel”. The panelists included highly respected industry leaders such as Patrick Busch, from Len Busch Roses, Jack Chidester from Delaware Valley Floral Group (DVFG), Christi Lopez from AIFD CFD EMC, and Ross Johnson, from Rosaprima. The session focused on the evolution of the wholesale floral channel and how the business is changing.

Ross spoke fondly about Rosaprima’s experience in the 25 years since he started the company. He shared how the values of the company have remained the same. That is to grow the most beautiful and exceptional roses and touch the lives of many in a positive manner. It is still the driving force behind the passion and dedication of the whole of the company, and will continue to be its guiding principle.

The presentation also echoed many of the points of the other panelists, and concluded that the industry is pointing in the same direction. That is to place the consumer at the center of it all, and that development is a very positive one.

Table Top Showcase

In addition to the presentation given by Rosaprima’s CEO, we also had the opportunity to showcase our roses. RP exclusive varieties as well as our newest additions to our collection were on full display for everyone to admire. On top of that, our fabulous Miami team was present to meet and greet our followers.

The FDC is always a welcomed event. It gives us the opportunity to connect with new people and meet with our existing partners. But also, it provides the space to learn and discover the latest trends in the industry. We look forward to the next chapter next year.

Below is a snippet of the keynote session in which Rosaprima’s CEO shares his insights on the latest trends.