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Rosaprima’s 2021 Wedding Collection

13 October 2022

At Rosaprima, we grow and send iconic roses all around the world to celebrate life’s extraordinary moments. In honor of one of the most important moments of our lives, every year, we present a carefully selected Wedding Collection for the Season.

This year’s Wedding Season emerged after a long hiatus where many couples had to put off their special day due to the pandemic, and as more places open up and events start taking place, we are in the spirit of celebration.

After an atypical year, we are particularly excited to present Rosaprima’s 2021 Wedding Collection: a beautiful selection of bridal Rosaprima varieties.

With the promise of warmer & longer days, June and August mark two of the most popular months to get married.

Anticipation builds as couples prepare for this magical day, where they will celebrate their nuptials under the summer sky.

Weddings give us hope. They stir our emotions, lift our spirits, and provide a loving foundation for the future. They unite us through traditions and rituals and bring out the best in people. Every detail on this special day is a reflection of these feelings. With this notion in mind, we have carefully curated our 2021 Wedding Collection; a collection that will bring beauty, elegance, and joy to your special day.

Our 2021 Wedding Collection features 5 fresh Rosaprima trendsetters, ranging from white to lavender tones, perfect for a summer wedding.

No matter if you are going for a classic white ceremony, a whimsical garden setting, or a tropical sunset celebration, you will find a variety (or a combination of a few) to suit your style.

Meet our trendsetters:

RP Aspen

Rosaprima RP Aspen wedding rose

A pure white Rosaprima Exclusive rose with a swirling bud, ruffled and abundant petals, and a soft cream heart shape within the center. Charming and elegant, RP Aspen brings light to any occasion!

Lady Eva

Rosaprima Lady Eva wedding rose

An ivory Rosaprima Exclusive with a neutral-toned bloom highlighted by the slightest touch of pink in its outer petals. Graceful and versatile, Lady Eva is highly sought after by florists for special events!


Rosaprima Tibet wedding rose

Rosaprima’s snow-white rose with delicate petals and a beautifully shaped bloom. Tibet conveys calmness and represents the joy of new beginnings.


Rosaprima Patience Wedding rose

A simple and sophisticated ivory toned rose with milky buds and lace-like petals, and a cream-colored center with a hint of pale yellow. Naturally beautiful, Patience is a wedding classic.


Rosaprima Amnesia Rose

Lastly, a lovely lavender rose that blurs into a blush, pink tone towards the center and creamy undertones on the outer petals. Its sandy, almost grey-like hue is revealed in a classic rosette style bud with a vintage spirit. Amnesia is perfect for combining with other wedding flowers or displaying on its own.

We hope our Wedding Collection roses add a special touch to your wedding day! If you’re planning a wedding and need assistance in picking the ideal varieties, don’t hesitate to contact us here.