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Rosaprima Welcomes Their Newest Additions of 2021

13 October 2022

Our luxury Rose Collection just became that much more exciting! After a careful examination of thousands of roses over the past year, we are excited to present thirteen new varieties that have been selected to become a part of our collection.

Rosaprima’s new varieties have been thoughtfully picked to infuse our exclusive collection with unique roses that are sure to pique the interest of florists and designers all around the world!

Today we invite you to take a look at six of our newest additions, each alluring and beautiful in its own way.

Presenting our newest additions:


Leonora Rosaprima new variety 2021

Leonora is the epitome of classic elegance and style. Its gentle ivory tones unfurl into a ruffled bloom, unveiling a central cluster of golden stamens. Its relaxed style exudes beauty, and its medium, fresh scent emanates notes of citrus and cucumber. Leonora is undoubtedly the ideal rose for weddings.



Princess Crown Rosaprima rose new variety 2021

Rosaprima’s Princess Crown is a garden-like rose with delicate swirls in peach hues toning down to a light dusty pink with a green eye that peaks through as it opens. This Rosaprima rose is fresh and pert!

princess crown


Momentum Rosaprima rose new variety 2021

Momentum is a beautifully vibrant rose. Its sun-kissed yellow tone emits positive energy and cheer as its bud gently opens to exhibit a full, luscious bloom. This beautiful standard rose variety is an instant mood lifter that radiates joy on its own, but we also love it as a highlight that can bring lightness to any arrangement.



Full Monty Rosaprima rose new varieties

Rosaprima’s Full Monty is a captivating hot pink rose! Its colorful petals and silky texture make it stand out among pink roses. Full Monty is especially loved by flower designers for the pop of color it provides in romantic compositions.

full monty


Effie new varieties rosaprima

A vibrant David Austin garden rose with chameleon-like shades of orange, apricot, and yellow. Effie’s large rosette reveals an eccentric tonality from its creamy buds to its lush, cupped blooms of tangerine tones. This variety is our bohemian beauty, both whimsical and captivating.



Dark Xpression new varieties

A garden-like rose with a coral heart and fuchsia outer ring. Its bud size is extra-long with an impressive 6cm diameter! It is the perfect rose for hardier arrangements, exhibiting feminine grace and beauty that lasts up to 12 days in a vase!

dark x-pression


Named after the rocky peaks and outstretched canyons of Moab, Utah, this rose carries a unique elegance that is reminiscent of a vintage piece that never goes out of style. Warm mauve shades dress each petal as they gracefully bloom into a dusty earth-toned bud. Rosaprima’s Moab adds an understated yet surprising flair to the daintiest wedding pieces all year round.

rp moab


Cheerful and bright, Aloha undeniably lives up to its Hawaiian name. Reminiscent of a sunset on the beaches of Maui, muted shades of ginger-colored petals nestled at the center of this rose swirl into brighter shades of orange that radiate an aura of friendship, peace, and affection. Aloha is the ideal candidate for the daring bride who is unafraid of bold colors, or for warmer fall designs.



An elegant, wonderfully feminine medium pink garden rose that will help mark all your special moments. Its delicate petals adorn a fully open bloom with copious texture with its inner layers revealing a more intense shade of pink while the outer layers remain a more subdued, almost peach pale pink hue. Mayra’s Bridal Pink makes a wonderful rose for bridal bouquets with its nostalgic, romantic feel, but also brings beauty and a fresh energy when used alone in a vase at home.

bridal pink


Hotspot gives a new meaning to the word prismatic. This electrifying Rosaprima rose stuns with its hot pink hues, evoking thoughts of warm summer nights and tropical destinations. Its medium-sized bud blooms with delight, setting late-spring to early-summer arrangements ablaze with brilliant color.

hot spot


Eugenie is a frothy delight of blush peach prettiness. Brimming over with irrepressible charm, this demure rose blossoms into a flamboyant rosette and winning everyone over with her feminine charms. A delicate but painterly rose, Eugenie’s heart boasts pretty blush peach and apricot tones that fade to pale cream and white. Her floaty tulle-like petals are both captivating and characterful. Eugenie has a medium scent of myrrh and aniseed.



A fun, lively, small rose, RP Copper Kiss shows off its magnificent and abundant ruffled petals all around. Blossoms have a beautiful matte earth tone that deepens at the center into a burst of orange. Full of character, this Rosaprima exclusive is highly versatile and can be used in any arrangement to add an interesting texture and color.

copper kiss


The Rosaprima Soul rose is a captivating, cream-colored rosette with warm, peachy undertones at its center. With its romantic appeal and impressive bloom, Soul’s elegance and sophistication elevates any arrangement – be it on its own or with a wedding or any other special occasion.



All hail RP Lady Eva! This sandy Rosaprima rose carries an elegance that bursts with femininity and grace. Her impressive, neutral-toned bloom, highlighted by the slightest touch of pink at its outer petals, is favored by florists for her versatile use in weddings, dinner parties, and other special events.

lady eva


Highly versatile, this hardy yet elegant pink rose is a classic rose for every occasion. Its bloom opens fully, revealing a lush set of petals with subtle tinges of darker and lighter shades of pink, making this rose full of depth and character. As its name suggests, this is a truly Sweet Mama of a rose that is both bashful and full of charm.

At Rosaprima we are committed to offering the most beautiful premium roses in the world. To achieve that, we are continuously innovating and pursuing developments to grow the highest-quality roses. Such efforts have led us to grow our catalog to over 160 different varieties, and we look forward to continuing adding to that number!

sweet mama

As for this 2021, we couldn’t be happier to welcome these beautiful roses to our collection!

We hope you find them as captivating as we do, and we can’t wait to share all our new varieties with you!

To inquire about availability and place your order, please contact information@rosaprima.com or fill the form here.