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Rosaprima Welcomes 2020 with 8 New Varieties

12 October 2022

As the uncontested leader in the luxury rose industry, Rosaprima prides itself in its ability to curate exclusive rose collections unlike any other. Only those varieties that surpass our stringent requirements in terms of bud size, coloration, longevity and resilience are introduced to discerning clientele in international markets who demand only the best.

For the kickoff of the new decade, Rosaprima is proud to introduce 8 new varieties to our ever-expanding rose collection. Each rose boasts its own unique personality; from closed bud to perfectly open bloom, these varieties reveal layers of magnificent color, character, scents and allure. They will elevate any special event with elegance and beauty, and work across all floral styles and designs this season.


A delicate lavender rose that features pale, creamy undertones on its outer petals, creating an almost grey-like hue. Its medium-sized bud opens beautifully, revealing a classic rosette with a vintage spirit.


A delicate, medium-pink bloom that opens generously into a perfect rose. Its blush pink core, combined with its crisp green outer petals, emits a unique radiance and displays the most subtle curl at the tips when open. Frutteto’s undeniable allure stems from its unassuming beauty and elegance. It is a highly versatile rose that works well with a wide array of tones.


A truly elegant bloom, Govinda is evocative of an antique porcelain rose in a gorgeous mauve-lavender color that concentrates at the center, while its outer petals show off a deeper tone. Its bloom displays elongated petals that curl out beautifully, giving it a striking campanelle shape. Govinda makes a statement on its own but also gives any arrangement a perfect touch of femininity and beauty.


Hotspot gives new meaning to the word prismatic. This electrifying Rosaprima rose stuns with its hot pink hues, evoking thoughts of warm summer nights and tropical destinations. Its medium-sized bud blooms with delight, setting late-spring to early-summer arrangements ablaze with brilliant color.

Lady Eva

All hail Lady Eva! This sandy Rosaprima rose carries an elegance that bursts with femininity and grace. Her neutral-toned bloom is favored by florists for her versatile use in weddings, dinner parties, and other special events.


A captivating, cream-colored rosette with warm, peachy undertones at its center. With its romantic appeal and impressive bloom, Soul’s elegance and sophistication elevates any arrangement – be it on its own or with a wedding or any other special occasion.


Tiara by Rosaprima is a long-lasting, medium-sized rose with enchanting, warm energy. A spectacular lavender garden-like rose with greenish outer petals, its bud opens to reveal a full, generous rosette. Tiara’s lilac color concentrates at the center and seems to diffuse as its petals swirl outwards.


True to its name, Serenity’s perfectly cream hues emit a calmness that will place you in a dreamlike state. Upon closer glance, its core reveals hues of the lightest shade of pink, making this Rosaprima beauty a go-to for bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces.