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Rosaprima is proud to be SMETA Certified

13 October 2022

Ensuring a work environment where every person on our team feels safe and protected is important to us at Rosaprima. On this World Health and Safety at Work Day, we want to take this opportunity to tell you about our process of becoming SMETA certified, and what this certification means for Rosaprima employees.

What is SMETA?

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) is a social audit that focuses on labor conditions, occupational safety, environmental standards, and ethical business practices.

The certification follows Sedex’s social auditing methodology, wherein businesses assess their sites and suppliers to understand working conditions in their own supply chain. Sedex guides businesses in the continuous improvement of working conditions in global supply chains.

SMETA Certification & Rosaprima

At Rosaprima, the health and safety of our team members are one of our top priorities. We stand by Sedex’s belief that every person working in the supply chain should have equality, a safe place to work, and the means to support themselves and their families. This is why we are proud to have acquired this certification after undergoing the audit process in 2019.

Audit and internal controls

In 2019 the SMETA audit was conducted at Rosaprima and our processes and medical services were evaluated. The audit examined the availability and capacities of our medical team (including doctors and nurses), the existence of a certified first aid team, the quality of drinking water, and the food available at the farm. Medical benefits and services were also looked into.

In addition to offering medical services to employees, the health approach at Rosaprima is preventive rather than reactive. For this reason, we carry out annual medical exams, with periodic checkups, follow-ups, and special care of vulnerable personnel such as people with disabilities, pregnant or lactating women, and seniors.

Who is impacted by SMETA guidelines?

Rosaprima proactively identifies and manages health and safety risks. We want to ensure that each of the 1,450 people employed by Rosaprima is being cared for and protected. From our master growers to the medical personnel, marketing and sales team, and members of our community from every area or department: we want to provide employees a safe environment where they can excel and be happy and healthy.

However, the SMETA guidelines go beyond our own company. We must ensure that all the providers from the supply chain are also complying with these standards.

What are some of our initiatives?

Active Breaks

We have implemented a company-wide “active break” plan, where employees must stop, stretch and recharge.

Prenatal care programs

Along with the Ministry of Public Health, we work on prenatal care programs, where obstetricians from the Ministry offer our employees pregnancy controls.

Information sessions

We have regular information sessions on various topics. These include prevention of prevalent diseases, nutrition in food staples, and the effects of drug consumption.

Mental health

A program that works on preventing and identifying mental health issues related to work is being implemented with the help of the Human Resources department.

This program includes an anonymous survey to evaluate how employees are affected by psychosocial factors in the workplace; such as leadership, stress, anxiety. Once we have an initial diagnostic, we focus on closing the gaps and addressing the unmet needs of our employees.

We say it often: people are our greatest asset. This is why we make sure our people are safe and protected at work.

The SMETA audit is one of the ways in which we monitor and improve our Labor Standards. This way, we ensure we are meeting the needs of our team members when it comes to Health & Safety.

If you want to learn more about SMETA please visit their webpage here.