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Rosaprima follow the special frog with Rainforest Alliance

12 October 2022

As a Rainforest Alliance certified farm since 2013, Rosaprima has been participating in the annual “Follow The Frog” campaign for the past few years. The week-long campaign aims to raise awareness about the power consumers have to encourage sustainability when purchasing products and how small choices can have a big impact.

What is Rainforest Alliance?

Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization that works in over 70 countries around the world.Its mission is to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.Its work includes a certification program based on the pillars developed by the Sustainable Agriculture Network, which in turn works with a global network of members to understand the challenges faced on the ground.In 2018, Rainforest Alliance merged with UTZ to work together in making responsible business the new normal.

Rosaprima and Rainforest Alliance in the sustainability journey

At Rosaprima, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our work in all areas.This includes sustainability, and is one reason why we partnered with Rainforest Alliance.For one, we wanted a third party to look at our work.External assurance that our work iscontributing to the movement towards positive change is necessary, and should come from experts.As a certified farm, we are audited every year to guarantee we maintain and improve on the standards set by Rainforest Alliance.Some especially important areas include forest conservation, human rights, rural livelihoods, and climate resilience.

Why Follow the special Frog with Rainforest Alliance?

The frog on the seal is of special importance.Frogs are “indicator species”, meaning that their presence point to a healthy ecosystem.So when you see the little green frog on a product, you can associate it with hope, action and progress.The #FollowTheFrog week-long campaign started in 2012 with a YouTube video that went viral.In it, we are encouraged to take action, even with simple acts such as choosing certified products.Consumers are also encouraged to follow, comment, share, and take selfies with Rainforest Alliance Certified products on Instagram using the hashtag #FollowtheFrog.This helps raise awareness on the importance of consumer choices.

Rosaprima works in an ethical way that we hope contributes to sustainability.For that reason, we are proud of the work we do and are proud to share it with you, our customers and supporters.We invite you to think of why sustainability matters to you.We’d love to see your responses on social media! If you decide to weigh in, tag us and use the hashtag #RosaprimaLeads and #FollowTheFrog.

For more information on our commitment to sustainable practices and processes, visit our Sustainability page.