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Rosaprima at Engage! 19 London Summit

12 October 2022

For three days -from October 28 – 30, 2019- London experienced its first Engage! summit. Created by Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce from Engaging Concepts, the luxury wedding summit has produced 26 highly successful events since it was first established in 2008. Much in the same manner, London stayed true to form — spaces sold out in just 40 minutes! This is no surprise since Engage! is an experience like none other. Tailored for highly passionate, committed wedding and event professionals, each edition is its own masterpiece.

Engage! Summits bring together key professionals from the wedding and luxury event industry to inspire, connect, and share ideas in an intimate setting. The result is a program designed with great care. Powerful presentations with insights and innovations from business leaders were at the heart of the exchange. It also provided ample time for attendees to network and socialize. Yet, they also had an opportunity to enjoy the vibrancy, charm and elegance of London.

The iconic red double-decker bus served as the background for speakers Simon J Lycett, Philippa Craddock, and Carrie Goldberg at the Engage! London on October 28, 2019.

The Engage! 19 London Summit Experience

Historic Royal Palaces, and Rosewood London, in collaboration with Sarah Haywood Weddings and Celebrations, presented Engage! 19 London. Evening events took place in one of the Historic Royal Palaces, from the Tower of London, to the Banqueting House and Kensington Palace. This allowed attendees to get a rare glimpse into the regal life in these exquisite historic buildings.

In keeping with her refined taste, Sarah Haywood meticulously orchestrated every detail, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for the occasion. This was accomplished through a magnificent collaboration between the UK’s finest event professionals including top floral designers such as McQueens Flowers, Simon Lycett, and Wildabout.

Wildabout is known for its innovative and beautiful floral designs. In other words, it is one of the most distinguished florists in the UK. It conceived the floral installations and arrangements for the Tower of London and Her Majesty the Queen’s Banqueting House. We are proud to have taken part of their exquisite decorations with our roses!

Leanne Roberts-Hewitt, founder and Managing Director of Wildabout, was already familiar with the beauty and quality of Rosaprima roses. This is why she reached out to us for the summit. For this occasion; Finally, Pink Floyd, Orange Crush, Confidential, and High & Mora, from Rosaprima adorned the welcome party at the Tower of London and the Gala dinner at the banqueting house.

Epitome of Dreams Come True

There is no doubt — the summit in London was the epitome of dreams come true in weddings and special events. So we are proud to have been a part of it! Likewise, we look forward to the next edition that will take place next month in the Riviera Maya, in Mexico. To conclude, we leave you with a snippet of Engage! 19 London to inspire you!

A taste of Engage! 19 London.

Engage! 19 London. Photography by Arte de Vie, Corbin Gurkin, and John Cain. Video: Storybox Cinema. Courtesy of Wildabout, Uk.