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Picnic Inspired Rose Table Settings ft Country Blues, Sweet Memory & Green Romance

11 August 2023

As the sun reaches its peak and summer surrounds us, it's time to embrace the joyous outdoors and savor delightful moments with loved ones. What better way to celebrate the season than with a picnic enhanced by the beauty of Rosaprima roses? We are thrilled to present our newest varieties that bring together the elegance of our roses and summer flavors, resulting in three fascinating table settings that will make your summer picnic an unforgettable experience.

Fruit Punch Recipe ft Stems of Floral

Stems Floral Design is a Designer-Led studio based in Austin, Texas. They work to bring unique stories to life with luxury floral designs, styling, and production.

As far as Country Blues goes, don't sleep on this new beauty if you are looking to add a bright pop of texture to your designs!

In Texas, the summer season brings the heat, so we love to keep it simple and effortless on a hot afternoon. The best recipes may often combine just a few outstanding ingredients, allowing each unique flavor to shine through.

With this centerpiece, the right structure is key, as there are no additional elements of foliage or filler to disguise the mechanics. The base needs to be strong enough to support the weight and height of the roses but inconspicuous enough to remain hidden from view. Instead of using highly visible and bulky floral foam, or unsupportive tape grids, this design has several weighted, long and large floral frogs securely adhered to the bottom of a shallow vessel, or you can use a chicken-wire fill. Just be sure to keep some blooms low and lush to cover any visible mechanics while building your shape!

Country Blues is a stunning new rose with a gorgeous full head of ruffle-edged petals and a complex triadic center that expands beautifully as it continues to bloom. Its unique tonal spectrum of purple mauves and violet magentas, with a distinctive petal pattern, makes every stem a perfect focal bloom, adding texture and variance to any arrangement. For our version of a bright summer centerpiece, the Country Blues rose added heightened appeal with its vivid color pop and incredible texture!

Sweet Tonic Recipe ft Folk & Faerie

Tayla Hutchison is the lead floral designer and creative director at Folk & Faerie Studio Ltd. As a passionate wedding and event florist based in Vancouver, Canada, roses hold a special place in her heart. She is always inspired by the lush rose garden on her grandmother's South African farm.

Working with Rosaprima's newest variety, Sweet Memory, has been an absolute delight and left a lasting impression.

Our concept for this project envisioned a casual but lush garden coastal picnic for girlfriends, an afternoon filled with summer memories and cherished moments to enjoy each other's company and celebrate friendship. Sweet Memory was the perfect spotlight, ensuring our design captured the essence of the occasion, making it a truly unforgettable experience. We enjoy designing with Sweet Memory products that are not only unique but also of amazing quality, elevating our artistry to new heights.

When creating a table setting with a Sweet Memory rose, we let it speak for itself as it stands out in any arrangement. As a florist, you'll find that working with this variety is an absolute pleasure. Sweet Memory significantly enhances our creations' overall aesthetic and appeal, adding a touch of freshness and modern elegance with that perfect shade of pink.

The bright pink tones of Sweet Memory complement a wide range of summer colors, allowing you to dream and work effortlessly with various color palettes. Its adaptability makes it a go-to choice and adds value to any floral toolkit.

Sour Spritz Recipe ft Everyone Deserves Flowers 

Amanda is the owner and lead designer of 'Everyone Deserves Flowers' in York, PA. She started Everyone Deserves Flowers in 2011 to connect couples with their planning process. With over 20 years of floral design experience, she says, "I have never worked harder in my life, and I love every minute of it!"

When creating a tablescape for an event, big or small, it's important to add some textural elements to avoid similar pieces providing a one-dimensional feel. Designing table arrangements of similar florals on different planes and levels can create more complexity and interest for the eye, mainly if you are working just with roses.

The color and flirty petals of Green Romance are the beauty that you want to invite into your home, event, or summer cookout. The fresh quality the rose possesses is what inspired our outdoor field table setting.

The appeal of the Green Romance rose is its ability to add a "fresh" and "crisp" feel to your arrangements without being overwhelmingly green. Whether you're working on something modern and streamlined or more garden-esque and wispy, this rose is a viable choice.