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Phoenix Rose, the new Fall Wedding Favorite

28 September 2023

The fall season brings unique charm when nature transforms into a mesmerizing tapestry of warm hues. Amidst such natural beauty, the latest Rosaprima addition, Phoenix rose, has become a captivating variety for fall wedding bouquets and arrangements.

The creamy edges of each petal gradually blend into a warm, apricot-hued center, encapsulating a sunrise's serene allure, making it the perfect choice to enhance the magic of your fall wedding.

Versatility That Complements Any Palette

One of the most remarkable features of the Phoenix rose is adaptability. It effortlessly blends into many color palettes and arrangements, making it a versatile choice for wedding florists and couples alike. Whether envisioning a rustic, autumn-inspired bouquet or a more traditional affair, Phoenix Rose can fit seamlessly into the picture.

A Fall Wedding Favorite

The Phoenix rose has quickly become a favorite choice for autumnal celebrations as it aligns perfectly with the season's aesthetic. Whether used in bridal bouquets or centerpieces, Phoenix Rose will infuse your wedding with an air of sophistication and natural beauty.

Timeless Elegance in Cream

Phoenix beautifully captures the essence of a fall sunrise, ​the timeless cream roses stand out for their clean, classic, and understated elegance, which has made them a perennial wedding favorite.

The creamy elegance of the Phoenix rose, combined with its timeless charm, ensures it will remain a beloved choice for couples. So, as you plan your fall wedding, consider incorporating Phoenix Rose into your floral arrangements, and watch as it brings the serene beauty of a sunrise to your special day.