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Mothers' Heritage: The Journey of Floral Legacies

12 May 2024

As Mother's Day approaches, we reflect on the incredible journey of motherhood and the art of floristry. At Rosaprima, we celebrate the women who juggle the roles of both mother and florist with remarkable strength and resilience. This year is dedicated to these inspiring women who combine their floral heritage, the empowerment of motherhood, and the enduring mother-child bonds.

The Floral Heritage: A Legacy of Beauty

Floristry is more than just a profession; it's a legacy passed down through generations, each one bringing a unique touch to the traditions and techniques learned from those who came before. This Mother's Day, we honor the rich floral heritage of two mom florists who incorporate their embedded values and history in every floral creation.

Jackie Elhert from @blossomflowerhouse shares her story with us.

Her son has been a part of the family business since the very beginning. "I've made countless arrangements with him in my studio. He knows colors and flower varieties and loves to pick out stems to create his own arrangements. While he may bring a bit more chaos and keep my head on a swivel in the studio, having him be a part of it all with me is a joy! His little hands are such an inspiration, and it feeds my artist's soul to see my flower studio become a playground for him! I am a better florist because I am a mother! "

She created a wonderful arrangement with O'Hara, Pink O'Hara, Champagne Majolika, and Bellalinda Sweety. We asked her what message she wanted to convey with her design.

“For me, this design was ‘motherhood encapsulated’. I used the opulence of Rosaprima roses as a focal point, bringing a high-end feel to the design while juxtaposing them with chamomile, which feels like a daisy.

Florists' journeys are filled with challenges and triumphs, and each story serves as a beacon of inspiration for others in the industry. The special bond each mother shares with her children in their floral endeavors showcases how the passion for floristry can be a powerful connector between generations.

Jackie Trejo from @jackietrejo nurtures her children and her floral creations, infusing each arrangement with beauty and joy. She shares with us: "Motherhood, like floristry, is an emotional journey. Nurturing each bloom is akin to caring for my children, helping them grow into their full potential."

She combined Be Loving, White Majolika, Champagne Majolika, White Ohara, Pink Ohara in a unique way. “ This particular palette and design says softness and delicacy to me. I hope you all can see it as well. It is a timeless palette that exudes femininity but also luxury. Garden roses always elevate designs, so when they're your focal flower, it says luxury to me."

“I have so many memories of my kids growing up in the flower studio. From washing buckets to playing with their cars while mommy finishes up work, these are all moments that I cherish in my heart. We spend so much time together in the studio, and I consider myself very lucky to be able to bring my kids to work any time. I miss them! Having this luxury really makes me appreciate what I do as a profession because the kids get a behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to run a successful business.”

A Tribute to All Mothers

We go beyond celebrating florist mothers and pay a heartfelt tribute to all mothers. Rosaprima roses serve as perfect metaphors for the enduring love of a mother. "Receiving flowers isn't just about the beauty they bring into our homes but about the joy and love they represent, lasting far beyond the moment they are given."

Celebrate this Mother's Day with Rosaprima, and let us be a part of your expression of love and gratitude for the wonderful mothers in your life.