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Making Magic with Rosaprima: An Enchanting Arrangement Tutorial from Katya Hutter

23 December 2022

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with renowned florist Katya Hutter on an exclusive flower arrangement created for a special Christmas workshop organized by the European platform Homo Faber Guide. This was not the first time that Katya and Rosaprima had collaborated, having worked together on a range of events previously, including the renowned David Austin exclusive marketing event in Aalsmeer.

For this project, Katya used six varieties of our beautiful roses to create an exquisite Christmas arrangement. She chose Shimmer, Mayra’s Pink, RP Moab, Mamy Blue, Govinda, and Explorer roses – along with a range of different shades of ranunculus.

Katya has been a fan of Rosaprima roses ever since her first introduction to them at the David Austin event in The Netherlands this year. She was impressed by their size, quality, and beauty, and has continued to use them in her work ever since.

We’re incredibly proud of the collaboration we had with Katya Hutter on this project, and are always excited to be associated with such an experienced and talented florist.

Q: What inspired you to become a florist?

I have always been an avid creator. From a very young age, I was making figures and artwork out of materials ranging from fabric to plasticine, paper, or clay – my own little world of creativity. On one occasion in kindergarten, my work caught the attention of a teacher who seemed truly interested in what I had made - it was a figure of a girl with a flower. Everyone else in the class seemed just as captivated, and I felt such pride in what I had created. Although my career ended up taking me down another creative path - photography - it was not until later that I discovered floral design. There was a flower shop near where I lived in Amsterdam, and every time I visited, I was completely mesmerized by the beauty and peaceful atmosphere. I had always felt drawn to that place, and when I began considering a change in my career, it was the first image that came to mind. It was then that I thought to myself: this might be something for me.

Q. How would you define your flower arrangement philosophy?

People describe my style as lush, creative, abundant, and surprising. While researching, I found a brilliant Japanese florist, Atsushi Taniguchi, whose work inspires me greatly. I fell in love with his natural, lush, and very talented work. I later took a few lessons from him at his Paris school. Atsushi's work and natural approach to floral arrangements, which emphasizes respect and trying to be invisible while creating floral arrangements, was one of my first major sources of inspiration. As part of my work process, I try to get into the flow. Another great influence for me is a floral artist from the United States, Kiana Underwood / Tulipina, who is an excellent artist and a remarkable creative individual. I absolutely adore her color palettes and masterful artistic work. My philosophy is balanced between the Asian appreciation of the natural purity and gentle freshness of flowers and the bold, artistic, personal approach of some Western florists.

Photography: @buushiigraphy

Q. What helps you fuel your creativity?

A lot of inspiration comes from the marvelous natural qualities of flowers as well as the uplifting feelings they create. As a passionate and determined person, I almost became consumed by the flower world, almost turning it into an obsession. I find inspiration in almost everything: my brain just connects things and creates its own synthesis. The books about art I find most inspiring at the moment are “Flower, Exploring the World in Bloom” by Phaidon and “Plant Magick” by Taschen. I am inspired by art, especially Japanese woodblock prints of flowers and birds, as well as talented people like florists, fashion designers, and artisans. Recently, I joined a fascinating European platform dedicated to promoting artisans' work, the Homo Faber Guide. The Michelangelo Foundation, a Swiss charity that supports craftsmen, has an impressive website where I often look at beautiful works by different talented craftsmen and women, get new ideas, and get inspired (Homo Faber means Man who makes, creates).

Q. Which materials did you use in your arrangement?

The arrangement below was made for a special Homo Faber Guide workshop using 6 types of Rosaprima roses: Shimmer, Mayra's Pink, RP Moab, Mamy Blue, Govinda, and Explorer, along with a few different shades of ranunculus.


  • Secateurs;

  • A plant pot;

  • Water with flower food;

  • Acrylic golden spray paint;


  • 3 pine branches;

  • 4 small hydrangeas, sprayed with acrylic golden paint;

  • 2 red roses, I used sort Explorer;

  • 2 purple roses, I used garden roses Mamy Blue;

  • 2 pink roses, I used sort Mayra’s Pink;

  • 2 soft peach roses, I used sort Shimmer;

  • 2 lavender roses, I used sort Govinda;

  • 2 beige roses, I used sort Moab;

  • 2 dark purple/black ranunculus;

  • 2 fuchsia ranunculus;

  • 4 pink sweet peas;

  • 4 lavender sweet peas;

  • 4 soft pink sweet peas;

Photgraphy: @buushiigraphy

Q. Describe the step-by-step of this gorgeous arrangement. (Up to 7 steps)

Please visit the Homo Faber Guide website to view a lovely film with step-by-step instructions for this arrangement: https://www.homofaber.com/en/s...

Q. Which is your favorite RP Exclusive Variety?

While working on the Homo Faber Guide Christmas project, I fell in love with the RP Moab rose: it is truly a unique rose. Not only because of its color - a beige, sun-kissed nude with a pink undertone - but also because of its size. The rose is immense. It exceeds regular garden roses or even large garden roses in size. I was astonished to find out that her head measures 12 cm in diameter. It is almost as big as my palm. This rose stem makes it ideal for extensive arrangements.

Q. Why would you recommend Rosaprima’s roses to other people in the flower industry? How has the experience been working with our roses?

My first serious introduction to Rosaprima garden roses was during my work on the David Austin Exclusive Marketing Event in Aalsmeer in The Netherlands last spring. About 3000 David Austin iconic garden roses were delivered to us, but I cannot forget when I saw the Rosaprima Juliet roses - their heads radiated great beauty and serenity. It had a slightly tilted head, perfect stems, and was not too thick or too straight. I was impressed. The arrangements also lasted for a very long time. Rosaprima roses never fail to exceed my expectations after this experience, and I order them more often for my clients.

It has been a pleasure to work with Katya Hutter on this project, and we’re so proud of how beautiful her arrangement turned out.

Our roses are always a part of something special and we can’t wait to see what amazing designs come out of our next collaboration. Order Rosaprima roses today to make your special day or event truly extraordinary.

Idea and Production: ©Michelangelo Foundation, Homo Faber Guide @HomoFaber, www.homofaber.com

Floral Design: Katya Hutter, @katyahutterfloraldesign, https://www.katyahutterfloraldesign.com 

Photography: Büsra Catras / Buushiigraphy, @buushiigraphy, https://buushiigraphy.com 

Film: Krab Agency, @krab.amsterdam, https://krab.nl/en/

Styling: Emilva Tervoort, Santé Weddings, @sante_weddings,www.santeweddings.com

Make-up & hair: Olga Stasevich, @olasevich

Assistant: Jamie Shin, @mango.gurl, www.mango-made.com

Premium Roses and ranunculus: Rosaprima @rosaprimaroses, https://rosaprima.com

Roses Supplier: Parfum Flower Company, @parfum_flower_company, https://www.parfumflowercompany.com

Sweet Peas: @lathyrus.nl, www.lathyrus.nl

Cake: Remya’s Cake Studio, @remyascakestudio, https://remyascakestudio.nl