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It’s always Earth Day at Rosaprima!

13 October 2022

It’s fitting that Earth Day is celebrated during the spring season. After all, spring symbolizes new beginnings. It is even more appropriate this time around, after a year that has proven extremely challenging due to the pandemic. But at Rosaprima, it’s always Earth Day! We believe the way we work is the best hommage we can offer Earth. We work making sure we are respecting and caring for our planet.

Beauty comes from within: being environmentally and socially responsible

We have said it before: beauty comes from within. A rose can only be truly beautiful if it has been grown caring for every detail. From the very beginning, over 25 years ago, Rosaprima has worked to make a positive contribution. In order to ensure that we are doing everything we can to meet the most stringent environmentally (& socially) responsible farming practices, we have partnered with independent organizations that work to protect nature and people. This is the case of Rainforest Alliance, SMETA and Flor Ecuador. We are proud to be a Rainforest Alliance certified farm since 2013. That same year we obtained the Flor Ecuador certification, and in 2019 we successfully achieved the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA).

Through our commitment to environmental and social integrity, our work practices are continuously evolving. As such, every year we are able to save valuable resources. Our water management plan, for example, has continuously reduced water use.


Saving resources through continuous improvement

At Rosaprima, water is cared for and protected as the invaluable resource it is. We have developed several tools and strategies that contribute to saving water. One strategy has been the investment in innovative technology to increase efficiency, minimizing waste. We use a state of the art drip irrigation system. that involves solar radiation sensors and hydrometers which translates in the exact amount of water each individual plant needs. Likewise, we are currently saving more than 2,000 gallons of water per hectare per week thanks to our electric zip line which carries our roses in a faster and more efficient manner to the post-harvest area. Another example is the the use of water reservoirs which together capture 51,000 m3 of water.

The strategies used at Rosaprima translate into more availability of water for other users including the flora and fauna of the region. Additionally, they yield in beneficial secondary effects, such as providing refuge and food to amphibians and native and migratory birds.

As it is all interconnected, that which is good for nature is also good for people as well as for Rosaprima. This is why it is always Earth Day at Rosaprima!