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Iconic Roses for Life’s Extraordinary Love Stories

13 October 2022

Every love story is special and deserves a sprinkle of attention. Our exclusive Rosaprima Valentine’s Day Collection 2021 has a bloom for all our expressions of emotions- from valued friendships, and unwavering gratitude, to family and true love; helping us create extraordinary love stories.

Discover the meaning behind each rose color and pick your favorite to convey the perfect message!

From the deepest red to our purple hues, and every shade of pink, Rosaprima’s 2021 Valentine’s Day Collection has been specially curated for creating extraordinary love stories.

Red roses

Red represents romance and passionate love, but depending on the tone, there are some variations. This year, we have selected Freedom, Fortune, and Explorer as our red Valentine’s Day blooms.

Freedom, also known as “the red of lovers” is eye-catching, stimulating, and intense. Its perfectly red bloom signifies a lover’s respect and desire. A fiery red option to keep the passion alive!

Fortune is another captivating red rose with a vivid hue and subtle ruffles at the tip of the petals. Its aperture gives the impression of a garden-like rose, inviting us to dance and celebrate! Fortune is the perfect rose to express an energizing love that is full of life.

And the last of our reds is one for the romantics. Explorer is a sophisticated and sensual red bloom. With its velvety texture and intense crimson shade, it is a flower with a strong personality. For lovers who want to keep exploring- venturing into the future with love and devotion, Explorer is the rose for you.

Pink roses

Pink is another favorite color this season. Light pink symbolizes kindness and sweetness, while bold pink conveys a message of appreciation. Our lighter tones for this period are Pink Mondial and Havana; and as for our hot pinks, Pink Floyd and Hotspot are leading the trend-setting list!

Pink Mondial has a dusty pink hue that opens up into a cream-colored ring. One of our wedding’s go-to’s, its gentleness reveals the purity of a new bond of love.

Havana is an absolute treat! Its astonishing beauty is captured in a traditional rose with a twist (chic berry pink streaks on its outer petals). It represents the appeal of being in love- that sweetness that overcomes us when we meet someone special.

With its electric pink and medium-sized bloom, Hotspot evokes delight! We believe it is the perfect rose to show our appreciation for those unconditional people we are so fortunate to have in our lives.

And the last of our pink picks for our Valentine’s Day Collection: Pink Floyd! Vibrant and bright, this beautifully shaped rose conveys a sense of profound admiration. This is the rose for those amazing people that continuously leave us in awe with their actions and always inspire us with their dreams.

Purple roses

As for purple hues, our lavender roses are always a special touch. They symbolize strength, courage, and femininity with a strong grounding source. If you know someone whose these characteristics remind you of them, pay special attention to Tiara and Moody Blues.

Moody Blues also captures the magical sense of love upon meeting someone who immediately captivates your heart. Its lavender rose petals are sweet and romantic – perfect for a delicate yet profound feeling.

Tiara instead, conveys a warm energy that is not easy to find. This bloom is long-lasting and rare. Its bud reveals a full rosette and its greenish outer petals combine beautifully with a lilac center- expressing the warmth and peculiarity of pure love.

Whether your love story is more of a passionate, romantic expression, a sweet and supportive friendship, or a one-of-a-kind special encounter, this year’s Rosaprima Valentine’s Day Collection has the perfect rose for you. We hope this blog post has helped you pick a rose with meaning!

May we always celebrate life’s extraordinary love stories with Rosaprima’s iconic roses.