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How to style your Holiday Roses

13 October 2022

There is nothing as timeless and elegant as a rose. This winter, we want to share some tips on how to style your holiday roses to convey the holiday spirit in its most beautiful expression. Every year, we carefully select a Winter Collection with luxurious varieties that bring about the holiday cheer. Hearts, RP Aspen, Wasabi, and Soul are this year’s trend-setters and the inspiration behind our holiday decor.

So, if you’re wondering how to style your holiday roses at home, we recommend:

Find gold or silver ornaments to complement your floral arrangements.

These elements will bring a bright contrast to your floral designs; which is what we’re going for if we’re in the mood for a cheerful and warm celebration.

Go for asymmetric arrangements.

As Christy Hulsey shares on her latest Florist Spotlight, floral arrangements do not need to be beautiful to be perfect. In fact, an asymmetric assortment is beautiful because it feels more natural and we’ve always appreciated the beauty of nature.

Get creative with your vases.

Another way to set up memorable holiday arrangements is to place your Rosaprima roses in different kinds of vases. For instance, you’ll find that there’s a world of beauty to be found in textures, shapes, and sizes; that will definitely bring a spark (or spice) to your Holiday design.

Delve into monochromatic palettes.

Choose your style for the Holidays and pick your favorite seasonal varieties to bring it to life! There are plenty of variations in colors that will allow you to put together a very distinguished arrangement inspired by a monochromatic tone.