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Florist Spotlight: Stephanie Howard

6 November 2022

In this month’s edition of Florist Spotlight, we have the pleasure of sitting down and talking to the remarkable Californian Stephanie Howard – the floral designer behind Floraltique, a floral design company based out of Los Angeles. Stephanie has been a floral designer for over a decade and her work has received recognition in magazines and online publications.

Stephanie’s style is united and minimalistic yet refined with various architectural influences–a rarity in the industry that leaves her clients astonished. In this interview, Stephanie discusses her career as a floral designer and offers advice for those interested in pursuing a similar path.

What sparked your love for flowers and eventually led you to become a floral designer?

I found my passion for floral design through my love and studies of interior design. My biggest inspiration comes from the spaces my pieces will occupy. I love the way arrangements and plants can liven up a space, and how they are interchangeable based on the season and event.

How would you define your florist style/ Which florist style best describes you?

My style has evolved to be more minimally refined. I tend to focus on architecturally sound pieces with a sense of unity. I want my work to have emphasis while remaining slightly understated. The reason I like it so much is that it forces me to pair back, use less, and be more intentional about what I am doing— in every way.

As a young entrepreneur in the floral industry, what would be your advice to other florists who are just starting out?

My business has been built on consistency; there is always one thing I do every day to drive the business forward. It can be as simple as learning the name of a new flower or connecting with a vendor whose work inspires me. It What trends do you think will be big in the floral design industry in 2023? matter how small the steps are, they will eventually lead you in the direction of your dreams.

Practicing is also the key to learning your style and what parts of design come naturally to you, which is why I believe in practice, practice, practice. If you buy a few ingredients and make an arrangement, take it apart and make three more arrangements. It is imperative to practice different shapes and techniques as well as take pictures as you progress along. This will help you evaluate what you like about the pieces that you have created, and what you would like to see more of.

What trends do you think will be big in the floral design industry in 2023?

In my opinion, the industry is trending toward classic, traditional palettes of white, creams, and greens; with less color. I also see a trend towards mass installments of single ingredients like rose aisles, carnations aisles, and larkspur aisles. In addition to being impactful, it gives you the opportunity to highlight the season, which can be cost-effective depending on the ingredients you use.

Which RP Exclusive Variety is your favorite?

I love RP Moab. This color is stunning and makes a gorgeous neutral blender. It’s a similar shade to a Koko loco but with a longer vase life. It’s a new staple to my palettes.

What do you think of Rosaprima’s roses? Would you recommend them to other people in the floral design industry? How have your experiences been while working with our roses?

Rosaprima roses are among my favorite roses, and I think everyone should give them a go. They shipped quickly and the product arrived fresh and hydrated really nicely. The blooms opened up, and were incredibly fragrant and beautiful. It’s wonderful to give your clients an aromatic experience, and these roses are among the finest smelling around.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Stephanie and her work better through this spotlight interview! Stephanie is particularly fond of RP Moab roses because their distinct colors always manage to add a touch of complexity to her floral arrangements. They are a staple in Stephanie’s palettes.

Thank you, Stephanie, for taking the time to speak with us and share your story! For more information on Stephanie Howard, please visit her website or follow her on social media.