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Florist Spotlight: Nicole García

13 October 2022

Our September Florist Spotlight feature is none other than the incredible New York-based designer Nicole Garcia, founder of Moonwake Meadow. Nicole grew up watching her mom pursue her passion as a floral designer, and she quickly adopted the same desire. After nearly 14 years in the industry, Nicole has developed a stunning, dainty, and whimsical florist style that always leaves her clients in awe. In this issue, she shares her story and insights into the beloved floral industry.

How did you get started as a floral designer?

My roots in floral design came from my mother, Isabel. I started learning from her at a young age. Like most entrepreneurs, she jumped out of the house and built her way into the floral and event design business. It’s been twenty years since then, and still going. She has entirely influenced me and has taught me all of what she knows about floral design. I am my mother’s daughter, and we both have many similarities, the floral design being a huge one. We discuss flowers on a daily basis, and sharing our passions is a beautiful thing. In the past, I did have other career options in mind, but I always came back to floral design. A career “option” quickly turned into my career path, and now, here I am. It has always piqued my imagination, which is why I love working with flowers so much.

How would you define your florist style?

I would define my florist style as playful and whimsical. Incorporating different textures and color palettes, I really enjoy creating something different each time—both a lover of neutral and colorful tones. From dainty garden florals to hardy tropicals, it interests me to work with various products and expand my knowledge on all types of florals this world offers. Designing it in my way is what makes it so unique. There is always something in store for innovation within the floral world.

What would be your advice to entrepreneurs in the flower industry?

My advice to others within the floral industry would be to not be so hard on yourself. Many things can happen in this industry, and it can be very unpredictable; sometimes, you can’t control things. It’s important to plan ahead, make checklists, and be as transparent as possible with your clients. Most importantly, enjoy the process and have fun with it. There’s a reason you chose this career, don’t forget to enjoy it.

Why would you recommend Rosaprima roses to other people in the flower industry?

Rosaprima roses are just perfect. They come beautifully packaged with love, the size of the roses themselves is amazing to see in person, and the quality and thickness of their stems make them such perfect long-lasting roses. 

Which is your favorite RP Exclusive Variety?

This is a hard one… I would go ahead and say all of them! But to pick a few of my favorites: RP Moab and RP Lady Eva are my absolute favorites; their color tones are just so beautiful.

To learn more about Nicole García, visit her website and social media platforms by clicking here.

Varieties pictured:

RP Lady Eva

RP Moab

RP Aspen


RP Copper Kiss

Secret Garden

Crème de la Crème


Ranunculus Elegance Salmone