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Florist Spotlight Mother’s Day Edition: Lily Roden

12 May 2023

Lily Roden is a passionate and talented florist renowned for her stunning floral arrangements and event designs. As the founder of Lily Roden Floral Studio, she has demonstrated exceptional skill in running a business while balancing the demands of motherhood.

Lily's signature style is characterized by her ability to seamlessly blend natural elements with bold and unexpected design elements. Despite the challenges of running a business and raising young children, Lily has created a flexible and supportive work environment that allows her to be both a successful entrepreneur and a present mother. She has made a conscious effort to prioritize her family while still pursuing her professional goals. As a role model for other working moms, Lily inspires those who want to achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.

How do you juggle being a business owner with being a mom?

It is a constant struggle. From flower recipes, wedding dates and diaper changes to school lunches, there is always so much in my head. The most practical answer is I have raised my prices to invest in extra help! I have a team around me so I am hardly ever alone in the studio. I love my girls! They keep me sane. I could only do this with them.

Do your children inspire your floral designs? If so, how?

I wish I could say "yes," but they are still little and rambunctious kiddos. We love spending time outdoors with them, and being out in nature is always inspiring!

What are your unique gifts and talents as a floral artist that you wish to pass on to your children?

This is a hard one to answer. I am constantly growing and learning, but I am a good delegator. As a floral artist and a small business owner, delegating has been vital because it allows me to spend time with my babies. It involves a lot of surrenders, but delegation is a great skill! I also try not to be afraid. I hope to pass this along to my children. This business came to me during a season of anxiety. It has now turned into something beautiful and fruitful. Although there was some hesitation while starting, I am glad I followed my gut and shook off any fear and insecurity!

We'd like your thoughts on Rosaprima roses: why would you recommend them to others in the flower industry? How was your experience with them?

I've loved working with Rosaprima! When the roses arrived, they were in perfect condition—packaged so perfectly, with zero damage and so fresh! I was impressed by the selection of flowers and colors. Thanks to Rosaprima, I worked with roses I'd never seen before, which was inspiring!

You had the opportunity to work with Rosaprima's newest varieties, Cooldown and Miss Piggy. How have these varieties improved your arrangements?

I loved these roses! I was able to add numerous Miss Piggy roses to my arrangements because they aren't too large and they are extremely photogenic! I loved Cooldown for its soft tone and high petal count!

I truly am enjoying the flowers. They are so beautiful. I'm excited to incorporate them into my wedding designs.

Thank you for reading this article. We wish all the amazing mothers out there a very happy Mother's Day!