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Florist Spotlight: Dawn Weisberg

2 January 2023

Our Florist Spotlight for this month features Dawn Weisberg, a floral designer who creates designs without limits and the owner of Tularosa Flowers, a luxury wedding design company.

She brings together her background in theatrical design with her love for nature to create one-of-a-kind immersive experiences for her clients.

Let’s dive into our conversation about floral arrangements, design styles and upcoming trends.

Floral Design Style

Q: Is there a special memory that inspired you to become a floral designer? (Maybe an experience that left an impression on you)

A: I have always been drawn to the beauty of flowers and plants. Growing up, I was mesmerized by their colors, fragrances, shapes, and textures; they were like tiny works of art that captured my imagination.

After 20 years of a successful career in film and television design, I decided to follow my true passion for floral design. Combining my experience in theatrical design with my enthusiasm for nature, I am able to create amazing and immersive experiences for my clients.

Today, by bringing my cinematic perspective to floral design, I'm able to truly bring the beauty of nature alive. It is a passion that I am dedicated to every day.

Q: How do flowers influence your perspective on the world?

A: So many of our earliest memories are tied to flowers and their scents. Flowers are so much more than just a beautiful sight; to many, they invoke deep emotions and shape our perspectives.

For instance, I have fond memories of my grandmother's lilac shrub, which transported me to an enchanted world with its beauty and fragrance.

This feeling of joy is something I strive to bring to every event that we design. Flowers have the unique ability to heighten our emotions and experiences, making even the simplest thing like someone bringing home a bouquet of flowers enough to put a smile on our faces, or transforming an ordinary wedding into something truly magnificent that leaves people in awe.

Q: How would you define your floral arrangements?

A: Effortless maximalism that pairs Old World European style with California color. I believe in creating a sense of wonder and awe when it comes to floral design – my goal is to transport people emotionally back to the natural world through the sight, smell, and touch of flowers.

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest strength?

A: Connecting to my clients and getting inside their heads to create the wedding they didn't even know they were dreaming of. It is for this reason that I call myself the Flower Fairy Godmother because I am able to take their vague ideas, embellish them, and transform their fantasy into a reality that is far beyond what they had ever imagined.

Floral Design Trends to Watch in 2023

Q: What are the coming trends for 2023?

A: For us maximalists, it's color, color, and more color. After quite a few years of white, blush, and neutrals color has made a serious comeback. I’m predicting deep pink, think Valentino Spring 2022, and scarlet red as well as monochromatic color schemes with intense color.

Moody and deeper floral-toned weddings will also be a trend highlighting the Art Deco revival we’re seeing in interior design. For the minimalists, neutrals will continue to be popular but more tones of stone, camel, mustard, and washed terracotta paired with bone and sand hues.

We are also seeing a definite trend toward bouquets at both ends of the spectrum, either very small delicate, and petite, or long and cascading.

Q: What is your favorite RP Exclusive Variety?

A: RP Moab is the clear winner, followed by Mandarin X-pression. I love RP Moab for its enormous head size and stunning color. Like an ancient Italian amphora, of weathered terracotta, with all its color variations, it is simply stunning! In a totally different way, the incredible shape of the Mandarin X-pression, with its green center and ruffled petals, is equally divine.

Q: We'd like to know your thoughts on Rosaprima's roses; why would you recommend them to others in the flower industry? How has your experience been with them?

Rosaprima's roses are the best! They are picked at their prime and arrive beautifully fresh. The vase life, a sturdy stem, and endless color options make Rosaprima's roses the perfect choice for special occasions. Rosaprima's roses have always been famous for their timeless beauty and high quality.

Q: What about our new product line: Ranunculus? How was your experience with them?

A: The ranunculus were lovely, very long-lasting, with firm stems (so rare to get with ranunculus) and beautiful rich colors.

Thanks again for having me! It has been an absolute pleasure discussing the wonderful world of flowers with you. I hope this inspires and motivates your readers to explore their creativity when it comes to floral design!

Thank you, Dawn, for sharing your amazing experience with our roses and ranunculus and giving us insight into upcoming trends. We are excited to see what you create next!

As a passionate maximalist, Dawn is especially fond of RP Moab roses and Mandarin X-pression roses due to their magnificent size and breathtaking colors, which add a unique touch and brighten her designs.

For more information on Dawn Weisberg, please visit her website or follow her on social media.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Dawn and her dedication to creating designs without limits better through this interview! Contact us today to order Rosaprima roses for your special day or event, and check the zip code for delivery.