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Florist Spotlight Andrea Seehagen

23 March 2024

Andrea Seehagen is the visionary florist behind Delaflor Studio Co. Based in Utah's landscape, Andrea's passion for floristry is palpable. At Delaflor Studio Co., Andrea brings a touch of luxury to weddings, crafting unforgettable experiences, and now she is doing the same with the new Rosaprima peach rose, Peach Wave.

Andrea's dedication shines through in a world where each event is considered unique. She works as a floral designer to ensure every client's special day feels unique. Her secret? A keen eye for detail, a love for unique textures and colors, and an unwavering commitment to creating magic with flowers.

What drew you to the floristry profession, and how do you find joy in working with flowers daily?

I love the idea of having so much freedom—choosing which weddings or projects to take on and picking my own schedule. Every workday is different for a florist because there is so much variety among flowers! Different color palettes, each season bringing different blooms, and year after year, I discover new flowers to work with. It keeps things exciting!

How do you incorporate the concept of simplicity into your arrangements, and how does it impact the overall experience for your customers?

I like to create designs that feel intentional and natural yet are something a client doesn't see every day! I use standard blooms like roses and carnations—ones a customer is familiar with—but I put a spin on them. For instance, I reflex all the rose petals to give them more dimension or layer my product to create more depth. It's something customers would never see at a grocery store or a traditional shop. It excites them to have something different from what they're used to.

How do you think Peach Wave's calming tones and unique aesthetics enhance the atmosphere of different settings, such as homes or events?

What I loved about working with the Peach Wave variety is how it can pull in such a range of colors! As I unboxed them, they seemed to be a soft pastel peach. But once I reflexed the petals and paired them next to a coral ranunculus, I started to see a deeper peach, making me think of a sunset. It is so versatile, allowing you to mix it with different color combinations.

How do you connect with the concept of simplicity or find joy in the ordinary aspects of your profession, like when working with flowers such as the Peach Wave rose?

As I've become a mother, I've found even more joy within this profession. I now value my time more than ever. But designing has always been my hobby and creative outlet, and it's the simple things like designing a centerpiece while my baby is wrapped around my chest that bring me more joy than ever before.

As a florist, do you hope the Peach Wave rose will inspire people to slow down, appreciate simplicity, and find joy in the small moments of life?

Just like a warm sunset, I hope they'll find time to wind down and stop and smell the roses!

In a world that often moves too fast, Andrea's passion for floristry serves as a reminder to find joy in the ordinary, appreciate the beauty surrounding us, and celebrate life's simple pleasures with Peach Wave roses.