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Florist Spotlight: Ana Valencia of Let's Bloom Miami

28 August 2023

Meet Ana Valencia – a masterful floral artist with extensive experience in the industry. Drawing inspiration from Miami's rich cultural tapestry, Ana curates arrangements that are more than just flowers, they are stories.

Her studio, Let's Bloom Miami, is a testament to the city's cultural vibrancy. With a dedication to sustainability, innovation and emotional resonance, she crafts floral arrangements for any occasion that reflect her clients' unique stories. "More than just florists, we are storytellers, committed to amplifying joy and art through the universal language of flowers," she says.

Learn more about her work with three of Rosaprima's exclusive varieties in our August Florist Spotlight.

What are the key highlights of the Rosaprima exclusive varieties — RP Moab, RP Flamingo, RP Lady Eva 

— that you work with for this Florist Spotlight?

These varieties are stunning; together, they give that garden look we love. We use them in different ways to enhance their beauty. RP Moab is ia unique shade that always amazes people, so we use them in the front. For fillers or a more delicate look, we use RP Flamingo as, a soft background to our arrangement. We use one of our favorites, RP Lady Eva, to light corners or to shed light on the deepest part of the arrangement. The result is a garden look, delicate, feminine and romantic.

Can you describe a memorable project or event where Rosaprima roses played a significant role? How did their distinctive characteristics contribute to the project's success?

I have so many memories of working with Rosaprima roses. The most special one was when we used roses for our floral sculpture during Fleur De Villes in March. We won second place and the roses were the main part of the display. The quality and vibrant color let us create a beautiful piece! It also helped us a lot that they are long-lasting roses.

The Miami lifestyle is often associated with luxury and extravagance. How do you balance opulent floral creations with sustainable practices to meet the expectations of both your clients and your eco-conscious mindset?

We balance opulent floral creations and sustainable practices by using seasonal blooms, minimizing waste, and educating clients about eco-conscious choices. Our designs reflect Miami's luxurious lifestyle and our commitment to preserving the environment while ensuring beauty with a mindful approach.

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