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Estate grown- an important distinction when choosing roses

12 October 2022

At Rosaprima, we cultivate our roses exclusively on our own land. Our team of dedicated master growers are at the helm, and we never work with third parties. Therefore, you can be sure that when you see a Rosaprima rose, it was grown, cared for, harvested, and packaged at our estate. It is what has earned our roses the highly valued ‘estate grown’ designation. It is an important distinction as some growers will complete orders by purchasing roses from other farms. This practice means losing sight over the production chain and thus, loss of quality control.

Being estate grown involves maximum control over every step of the production process. We engage with every minute detail. As a result, we know exactly what the final recipient is getting always: the most beautiful blooms with the highest quality. Each single rose grown here has soaked in all that the Rosaprima estate encompasses. Through Rosaprima’s principles and values, it also means the highest standards in agricultural practices, with the utmost respect for nature and people.

Stewardship and integrity define our work practices. Our land is sustainably and innovatively managed. Likewise, we constantly update our production and delivery processes to ensure the utmost efficiency. We are an esteemed and respected employer and a leading name in corporate sustainability practices in Ecuador. Rosaprima is certified by FlorEcuador and other international programs such as BASC and Rainforest Alliance. These certifications guarantee our farm and our processes comply with rigorous standards related to nature and biodiversity conservation, social well-being, and trade security. Every individual rose from our estate has the ultimate standards in quality, efficiency and innovation. These are the qualities we stand for at our estate.