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Crafting the Perfect Arrangement: A Collaboration with Professional Florist Ellena Harris

28 February 2023

Introducing Ellena Harris, one of the leading florists in Botanics Florist. With a passion for flowers and a creative eye, Ellena has crafted countless stunning floral arrangements that are admired around the world. We recently caught up with her to find out how she creates her artful pieces and what inspires her to continue crafting incredible works of art.

Ellena carefully selected the highest quality roses from Rosaprima for this featured flower arrangement. With an eye for color, she chose a vibrant palette of Rose varieties including Ocean Song, Blueberry, Mamy Blue, Candy X-pression, Mandarin X-pression, RP Moab, Orange Crush, and Nina. The beautiful array was further enhanced with the addition of Elegance Clementine and Elegance Viola Ranunculus. Each bloom was carefully placed to create an artful balance between color, texture, and proportion. Ellena's attention to detail and creative vision make her arrangements truly stunning!

Q. Is there a special memory that inspired you to become a floral designer? (Maybe an experience that left an impression on you)

My love for floral design came from my mother. She worked as a wedding florist when I was a child and I spent years admiring her creativity and playing with her offcuts - I think it's in the genes!

Q. How do flowers influence your perspective on the world?

My floral philosophy is to let the flowers speak, and let them do their own thing. Weird bendy stem? Let it pop out of the top of the arrangement. Crooked head? Face it from a quirky angle. My style is very much 'go with the flow', the floral placement is intentional, sculptural, and artful but always led by the flowers themselves.

Q. What helps you fuel your creativity?

I’m constantly inspired by the world around us, the changing seasons, and the way things grow in nature, so I love to spend my spare time outdoors. I also love fashion-led inspiration, which I keep up with on Pinterest and Instagram, using trending styles and palettes to translate into designs or adding non-floral elements like pearls which are so in at the moment!

Q. Describe the step-by-step of this gorgeous arrangement.

  1. To begin this design, I chose a vessel with a shallow bowl and a wide rim so the arrangement could flow out of the sides. A ball of chicken wire was used as an environmentally friendly way to hold the florals in place, secured with waterproof tape.

  2. My design idea with this arrangement was to group, cluster, and flow the floral palette in order to create a more natural, harmonious, and ombré look between the colors. So, I started by creating a guideline shape whilst planning out which order I would like the colors to flow.

  3. I then started to build and fill out the arrangement by stacking, layering and recessing the roses to add depth and interest.

  4. Next, I added in the daintier elements - the Ranunculus. I love their slim stem and billowing head so wanted to use them to add some height. They are also great for filling gaps and adding tons of texture.

  5. After that, I made sure to make the back pretty so it looks finished from every angle.

  6. Finally, I decorated the setting with fruits that inspired the color palette and added hanging amaranthus for interest!

  7. I love the combination of fruit and florals so this arrangement was inspired by citrus and berry tones. The flower combination was curated with Rosaprima’s amazing tangerine orange, grape and passionfruit purple, pastel berry tones, punchy red, and grapefruit pink tones. My biggest tip to achieve this look is to reflex the Roses, this is when you flip the petals back creating a super frilly and modern look.

Q. Which is your favorite RP Exclusive Variety?

My favorite has to be RP Moab; I’m obsessed with the earthy pink tone, stunning velvety petal texture, and sandy-colored center.

Q. Why would you recommend Rosaprima’s roses to other people in the flower industry? How has the experience been working with our roses?

I couldn’t recommend Rosaprima roses enough! With the huge range of varieties, undoubtedly quality, and unreal scents - they’re some of the best roses I’ve ever worked with.

RP Moab is the frequent florist favorite for a lot of reasons. It's the perfect blend of warm tangerine and pink tones, with velvety petals and a sandy-colored center; it makes for an incredibly textured, modern look that can't be achieved with any other rose variety. Plus, its amazing scent is a bonus! Whether you're looking to make an ombré design, or something more bold and more intense, RP Moab is the perfect go-to. You won't be disappointed.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Ellena and the beautiful floral arrangement she created with Rosaprima roses. If you’re looking to create something similar, don’t forget to try out our tips!

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