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Crafting an Exclusive Rose Collection

25 April 2024

At Rosaprima, we are proud of the more than 150 varieties of estate-grown luxury roses we have assembled carefully over the past 29 years. As a result, our collection is a unique assortment of the best roses in the world.

Each Rosaprima rose is a testament to the artistry of nature and the care and quality that characterize us. Rosaprima tests thousands of rose varieties in the Guachala region of Ecuador; only the ones that meet our stringent tests and requirements of bud size, coloration, longevity, and resilience are introduced to markets around the world.

Among the varieties introduced in 2023, we combine beauty and elegance perfectly. Our meticulous curation ensures our customers receive roses of exceptional quality and breathtaking appeal.

As Rosaprima continues redefining luxury in the floral world, anticipation builds for the forthcoming Rosaprima roses and Floraprima ranunculus and anemones in 2024, promising even more innovation and beauty for our customers worldwide.