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Crafting a Luxury RP Moab Wedding Bouquet

3 July 2023

Are you excited about planning your dream wedding? One of the most enchanting elements of any wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the bride's bouquet. Read the insights that renowned floral artist Christy Hulsey, from Colonial House of Flowers, has to say about the composition of a luxurious RP Moab wedding bouquet.

With a family business established in 1968, what can you tell us about how trends have changed in wedding bouquets over the years?

Let me tell you, wedding trends are evolutionary. Since I am being honest, bouquets have come a long way! There’s never been a better time than now to be yourself when choosing nuptial florals. Bouquets of the past were more traditional and cookie-cutter. A traditional bridal composition may have been a roundy-moundy. Today there are lots of design features and there are different shapes, textures and colors to let a bride easily express herself.

Today’s bouquets have beautiful shapes to fit your style like a glove. While brides often used to use the same bouquet style as every other bride, and give their bridesmaids identical bundles, they now freely mix and match different styles.

Not all girls have the same aesthetic so the trend today is to allow yourself to choose florals like beautiful roses in whatever color that suits your style. I think it’s very pretty!

A wedding bouquet today can be made with a range of sizes and stem lengths as well. Then they can even use them again at the reception in a vase as a special centerpiece, which is very nice.

A classic bouquet may have featured bright-colored daisies and carnations wrapped with ribbon. While you can never go wrong with any flowers, I would like to show a modern, playful bouquet with RP Moab roses effortlessly gathered with exposed stems. If you’re more of a natural elegance girl, you can have a bouquet with several varieties of beautiful roses. I just love this bouquet.

Crafting a more personal plan for a wedding bouquet design these days takes more time than the ones we used to make, but today’s work is so beautiful, so whimsical, and more representative of love and marriage. I love it!

What is your favorite thing about working with brides on their special day?

My favorite part of it all is learning the couples’ love story. There’s just something beautiful about a real-life love story, don’t you think? I love hearing how they met, and about their history, their families and their dreams. Even more special is weaving all these things into the floral plan, and the most important part of that plan is the bouquet. I can’t help it. The bouquet is deeply personal to me. It takes me so long to make sometimes. Even though I arrange flowers day-in and day-out, I often shake and perspire while making my bride’s bouquet. Handing this piece to the bride on her big day is the hardest, most stressful thing. I am so nervous and so happy at the same time. I know that after all the work and planning, my job is done. Delivering the bouquet is the parting love note between us, written raw, moody and emotionally in the language of flowers.

What has been your experience of working with RP Moab? What can you say about this Rosaprima exclusive variety?

What comes to mind when you think of luxury roses? Does this phrase take you to a pristine, manicured old-world garden? Do you find yourself wishing for bouquets so deliciously soft, aromatic and crafted with texture that you want to keep them forever? Or, maybe you’re curious about what makes these roses so iconic. Wherever your mind is wandering, these sophisticated, light sienna roses are going to take you there. The RP Moab is my new all-time fave!

The way this flower unfurls effortlessly into an impressive size bloom makes it so easy to use with my design style. And, the color of this rose is so natural and authentic and nice. It’s like the color of sand!

I have visited the Rosaprima farm and met the people of Rosaprima and seen their sustainability in practice. I am certain the beauty of this amazing flower can only be achieved in the richness of the Guachalá growing region and through the craftsmanship of every one of the Rosaprima people.

It is known that wedding bouquets are the most photographed floral pieces. What characteristics make a wedding bouquet the perfect complement for a bride?

As floral artists I feel like we are the author of a book. Whether the wedding bouquet’s aesthetic is muted, bold, romantic or minimalist, the color, texture, movement and floral recipe tell a love story perfectly. The magical language of flowers resonates best in the bridal bouquet because bride and bouquet don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! I think it’s one of the most photographed floral pieces because it looks best with her, it IS her! It’s her love story.

It’s important to me to use legendary Rosaprima roses for guaranteeing quality in a bridal bouquet.