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Celebrating Thanksgiving this Unforgettable Fall

13 October 2022

Despite the hardships, the loss, and the hurt, this is a year to be thankful.

At Rosaprima, as well as many others in the floral industry, we had pretty hard months. As hundreds of countries went into lock-down and restrictions became stricter, the world of exports was paralyzed. Roses and flowers all around the world were thrown away. Nature continued thriving, rose production kept on giving, and we weren’t able to send our roses across the world as we did before.

As COVID19 changed our routines and priorities, we were called upon to reflect on how we were living our lives pre-pandemic. Many of us realized we were overlooking the simple moments. We were taking family gatherings, friend reunions, and celebrations (no matter if they were big or small) for granted. Prioritizing living a busy schedule rather than living a fulfilled life. We canceled plans with our closest friends & family. We had no time left to spare and days rushed past before our eyes.

But now we’ve been forced to pause. Look around. Appreciate our families, our friends, our lives, and our jobs.

But resilience is powerful.

Restrictions got lifted. The industry united. We helped each other out. Growers, exporters, wholesalers, florists event planners, and designers, had conversations. We knew that in such times, roses were more relevant than ever.

We experienced the benefits they have on our well-being and stress reduction, recaptured the essence of weddings (and made them beautiful), and worked harder than ever to keep producing the world’s most iconic roses. With the highest quality standards, capturing the epitome of beauty and highlighting the iconic elegance of nature, we had a duty to continue growing and sharing our roses. To spread their power.

And this strength to carry on, to deliver with quality and continue to pursue our passion for rose growing, wouldn’t have happened without you. For this reason,Thanksgiving we want to honor and thank you. You, a member of our team who worked long shifts with dedication and meticulosity. You, the client who sent words of encouragement and called every day to see when we could continue delivering. Without you, a member of our community, who sent us a direct message, or liked and commented on our pictures, reminding us how much you love looking at, smelling, and having roses around.

Fall Photoshoot with Holly Diana Floral, Mark Williams Studio.

Roses are a powerful thing.

This Thanksgiving we are eternally grateful for being able to grow them and we are compromised to keep doing so with excellence and complete devotion.